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The Heirs, or more specifically known as Aurorans, are beings created by the Hackers using the Aurora Machina. Most, if not all of them, are the canonical "children" of individuals within the Markyjoe universe. They were introduced in Heirs of Rage.


The Aurora Machina was built for the primary purpose of fixing the world after the devastation of the Fourth Rage War, but Marc, one of the hackers who was involved in the creation of the machine, wanted to see new life be created by it as well. As a result, the Heirs were born, shaped as the theoretical children of the Hackers. Maritisa simplifies the Aurorans as "more durable Einherjar," with more free will and power than the artificial beings they are compared to, though still not close to human. It is unknown what the process of creating the Heirs was, only that, based on Marc's words, they aren't related genetically to their "parents." Many of the Heirs were placed into the Cheaprealms in order to grow up more quickly than they would in the real world.

The Heirs' origin was kept secret from them, in order for them to grow up with the belief that they were human and the true offsprings of their "parents." The only ones who knew the truth were Dusk and Dawn, the Heirs of Avraxas and Purt, who were involved in safeguarding the Omni Tablet kept in the Hermitage. Near the end of Heirs of Rage, however, the true nature and origin of the Heirs was revealed to them by Mari, who used this information in order to demoralize them, and Ryokazi specifically.

Powers and Abilities

Being the essential children of the major members of the MarkyJoe canon, their abilities are largely based on what their parents can do. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Ryokazi - Being half Moon Rabbit, he inherited Reisen's Lunatic Eyes, which are his primary form of combat. However, he inherited a talent for dark magic from his father.
  • Cadet - Smilies has never used light magic.
  • Patricius - Oddly enough, his class more closely resembles Ragezero than his father's actual class, essentially a Nomad Lord.
  • Lune - Royalty is an axe user, and her brother Morgan uses swords and magic.

In Tale of Purt II, it is revealed that Heirs created by the Aurora Machina do not age.

Known Heirs

Heirs of Rage

Crusaders of the Void