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The Lair of the Fooker (also known as LotF) is the official name used for Markyjoe's Discord Server. It has been running since July 17th of 2016.

Text channels

  • #announcements: As its name implies, it's commonly used to post an annoucement. Whenever a new video is uploaded, it can be found here. This channels has been used too to warn the users about questionaries, events, inquiries and movie/game nights. (Only admins can write here)
  • #resources: This channel serves two purposes. The first one, it links to a document named Community Resources. The other use it serves is to remind the users about the rules of the server. (Only admins can write here)


  • #discussion: The main general text channel. Every kind of conversations take place here.
  • #controversial: A hub for all sorts of controversial content, but mainly having to do with debates. NSFW topics and the sort are generally in the pub.
  • #emotional_support: And innovative channel to "talk about your feelings, ask for guidance on an issue, or help others", according to its discord description.
  • #pub: According to its discord description, it's a "a different kind of prison - one made of sweet, decadent passion." It's commonly known as a channel to spam memes or content which is not usually approved in #discussion.
  • otaku: As the name suggests, this is where all that weeb stuff goes.
  • #ragefest: A text channel focused on talking about everything related to Ragefest.
  • #competitive: This channel is used to find users to play online games with, frecuently being games with PvP competitive. The most famous games here are Smash Bros. 4 and League of Legends. Competitors have an unique role.
  • #gacha_games: Text channel used to talk about gacha games. The most common games here are Dragon Ball Z Dokkan!, Fire Emblem: Heroes and Granblue Fantasy


  • #creative: In this channel, users can post their artistic project (drawings, music, photography...) and ask for critique. Artists and Composers have unique roles.
  • #fe_hack_discussion: Text channel used to talk about various hackroms, or FE related projects.
  • #hacking_assistance: This channel is provided to help the users in their hacking projects. Some tutorials and resources can be found in the pinned messages. Users can ask questions and seek advice too.
  • shilling: A place where other content creators can promote their content, mainly their videos and stuff.
  • #roleplay: Tbh I don't know what kind of orgies happen here.
  • 🔒#out_of_character: Where the roleplay members can talk about their universes and characters without breaking into the current roleplay session. Accessible with the Roleplayer role.


  • #voice_and_bots: Discord description: "For people on voice chat. Also for bot usage."

Private channels

  • 🔒#administrators: Text channel used for admins to discuss topics about the Lair of the Fooker. (Only admins can enter this text channel)

Discord admins

To keep peace in the server, and to make the users follow the rules, Markyjoe has promoted some users into Overlords and Moderators, who have powers to punish and ban disrespectful users. Overlords will have the Moderator role as well, but Moderators don't have the Overlord role. This is due to Moderators being on observation, as if they were on a trial to become Overlords. Currently, there are 4 Overlords and 1 Moderator (excluding bots).



Discord bots

Discord servers tend to have bots, so users can use their functions with commands. The Lair of the Fooker currently has 3 important bots.

  • FookerBot: This bot usually disguises itself as FookerLyn, FookerEliwood and FookerHector, as a reference to Fire Emblem 7. This bot is constantly playing with titties.
  • feubot: The official FE Universe bot. No one really knows why it's there but !goof and !lel are used often for fun.
  • Fredboat: Mostly used for music.