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This page contains a list of all plugins that have been made by the English-speaking SRPG Studio community. If you are trying to find something specific without having to constantly scroll, you can use Ctrl+F to search for what you need.


Offensive/Trigger Skill plugins

These are skills that trigger during battle.


By LadyRena. This Plugin enables the creation of Skills that block the infliction of specific States, also known as Status Effects. To use, create a Custom Skill with the Keyword "No" plus the name of your state - for instance, "NoPoison" or "NoSlow Down". Additionally, make sure that "Treat as Status Condition" is checked for the state you are blocking, or this plugin will not block it!

Berserk Strike

By LadyRena, plugin basis by Goinza. Allows the unit equipped with the Skill to strike for +50% damage at cost of -15% accuracy & one-third of their current health. Simply create a Skill and give it the custom keyword Berserk.

Armsthrift II

By LadyRena. This script enables the use of both versions of Armsthrift - SRPG Studio's 100% unlimited durability, and Fire Emblem Awakening's Luck*2% chance to save a single use per attack. The keyword for the former is Limitless, while the keyword for the latter is Lucky.


By HiddenVoice. Recreates the skill "Astra" similar to Fire Emblem Fates. It attacks 5 times and deals half damage per hit. I am still new to this, so it's a little choppy, but it should work OK. Just plug this into the plugins folder and put the keyword "Astra" into the keyword slot. Have fun.

Slip Dodge

By LadyRena. The unit with this skill will have a chance to dodge every attack after the first one. Set to 100% for shenanigans. To use, put it in the Plugins folder & create a Custom Skill with the keyword "Slip-Dodge", minus the quotes. This will never display as a popup in battle, sadly.


By Ragnarok. Recreates Ignis from Awakening/Fates- which adds half of the user's Str or Mag to damage dealt. The keyword is "Ignis".


By Ragnarok. Recreates Dragon Fang from Fates- which adds half of the damage that would be dealt as additional damage. The keyword is "Colossus"

Rend Heaven

By Ragnarok. Recreates the Rend Heaven from Fates- which adds half of the enemy's Str or Mag to damage dealt.The keyword is "RendHeaven".


By Ragnarok. Recreates the Vengeance skill from Awakening/Fates- which the user deals half the damage they have taken as additional damage when attacking. The keyword is "Vengeance".

Status Skills

These are skill plugins for skills that provide status bonuses or buffs/debuffs.

Turn-Based Skills

By TacticianDaraen. Recreates three skills from Fire Emblem Awakening :

  • Odd/Even Rythm : Increases damage dealt by 4 to the skill owner. (Custom skill Keyword: "OddTurn" & "EvenTurn"
  • Lucky Seven : for the seven first turns, Hit/Avoid +20. (Custom Skill Keyword: "LuckySeven")

Simple Weapon-Faire

By TacticianDaraen. This plugin allows to create skills that boost damage when equipped with a certain weapon type. To use, create a Custom Skill. For the keyword, use the weapon type's name + "-Faire" ("Sword-Faire", "Lance-Faire", and so on...). You can also add "+" to use the stronger version ("Sword-Faire+", "Axe-Faire+"...) Thanks to LadyRena for the inspiration.

Quick Riposte

By LadyRena. A Skill originating in Fire Emblem Heroes, Quick Riposte allows a unit with above 70% HP to strike a foe with two counterattacks in its home game. Here, it is slightly different - the HP threshold remains the same, but you get +1 attack on top of what you already have, instead of locking it to two. To use, create a Custom Skill with the keyword Riposte.

Fates-style Aggressor

By LadyRena, modified by JtheDuelist, modified again by LadyRena. Recreates the Aggressor skill from Fates, a skill learned by Dread Fighters. It boosts damage dealt by the unit by 7 when it initiates combat. To use, simply create a Keyword Skill and set the Keyword as Aggressor.


By LadyRena. Recreates Distant & Close Counter, from Fire Emblem Heroes. Unlike in Heroes, where the longest distance is 2 tiles, enemies in SRPG Studio can be set to attack from any distance with a suitable weapon, making Distant Counter in particular much more powerful. The Keywords are Distant-Counter and Close-Counter. No setup beyond making the Skills and putting the file in Plugins is required. EDIT: A third Skill, with the keyword Omni-Counter, combines both Skills in to one. You know, for fun :)

Warp Ally

By Goinza & LadyRena. Allows the unit equipped with the Skill to teleport adjacent Player & Ally units to any tile within range. Said range is the Skill holder's Magic divided by two. To use, set a Custom Parameter {Warp:true} and give the Skill to a unit.

Blow Skills

By LadyRena. Contains multiple Blow Skills from both Fire Emblem Fates and Heroes. To use, simply create a Keyword Skill and set the Keyword the Skill Name with a - instead of a Space; e.g. Death-Blow, Fateful-Blow, etc. Give them the custom parameter Boost:#, where # is the desired boost. All numbers should be whole, not decimals.

Riposte Skills

By TacticianDaraen. Riposte Skills are the opposite of the Blow Skills, as they occur when the enemy is attacking you. Comes with Awakening's "Patience", Fates's "Strong-Riposte", and two custom skills, "Anticipated-Riposte" and "Rebellious-Riposte", which increase Hit by 30% and Crit by +15% respectively.


By LadyRena. This plugin enables the skill NoEXP, which negates the EXP payout of the unit it is given to. This includes hits, misses, and kills. To use, create a Custom Skill with the Keyword "NoEXP" and give it to the units you wish to render EXP-less. Additionally, ensure that your minimum EXP in Config2 is set to 0, or you will still gain the minimum EXP!

Redline Critical

By LadyRena. Enables the "Redline Critical" Skill, activated by creating a Custom Skill with the keyword "Redline-Critical". By default, when a Unit with this Skill drops to or below 25% HP, they gain half of their Critical Hit chance as a bonus to Crit. For example, a Unit with 10% chance to Crit will gain an additional 5% chance, totaling 15% Crit Chance.

Breaker Skills

By LadyRena & TacticianDaraen. This Plugin allows you to set Custom Skill Keywords like "Sword-Breaker" and get Awakening/Fates-style Weapon Breaker Skills, granting Hit +50 & Avoid +50 to the unit wielding the Skill. It dynamically checks weapons & skill keywords, and it offers an alternative +99 boost to Hit & Avoid if you use a + at the end of the keyword, ala "Sword-Breaker+".

Crazy Beat

By LadyRena. This plugin enables the skill Crazy Beat, which grants a +20% damage bonus to a unit who is under a negative status effect. All you need to do to use this Script is place it in your Plugins folder & create a Custom-type Skill with the Keyword "Crazy-Beat" and give it to a unit you wish to empower.

Redline Slayer

By LadyRena. This plugin enables the skill Redline Slayer, which grants a +40% damage bonus to a unit who is under 1/4 of their maximum HP, with a variance of +1HP in cases of uneven division. Simply create a Custom-type Skill with the keyword "Redline-Slayer" to utilize it. Edit the plugin to change the HP threshold & damage boost gained you wish to empower.

Health Shield

By LadyRena. This plugin enables the skill Health Shield, which grants a +30% defense bonus to a unit who is above 1/2 of their maximum HP, with a variance of -1 HP for uneven division. You may freely edit these values to suit your project. To use, simply create a Custom Skill with the Keyword "Health-Shield" and give it to a unit you wish to protect.

Healthy Vantage

By LadyRena. This plugin enables modifications to the vanilla Ambush skill. You can use the Custom Parameters ProcUp and ProcDown to trigger the Preemptive Attack either above or below a certain health amount. You must use decimals, however; if you set above one, it will either always work (ProcDown) or never work (ProcUp). At exactly one, it will still function, though it is identical to the original function of Ambush (ProcDown) or it will only allow Ambush at full HP (ProcUp).


By TacticianDaraen. Using the keyword "Wrath" on a custom skill allows you to get the skill players like to have on their side, but hates it when it is on the enemy's. A unit under half HP will see its Crit boosted by 20. As simple as that, really.

Stacked Status

By piketrcechillas. Provide stackability for statuses. Manual inside

Other Skill Plugins

These are skill plugins that affect other aspects of a unit that are not considered Offensive/Trigger skills or Status skills.

Equip Alter

By LadyRena. Allows units who cannot normally equip a weapon type to equip said weapon type with a Keyword Skill. To use, create a Skill with a Keyword matching the weapon type's name exactly, spaces included. You can also designate individual weapons as usable by setting the "Only" data to a specific unit. Please note that this plugin does not display the equippable weapon type on the screen, unlike the JPN script for the same purpose. The JPN script, however, requires a fair amount of editing to use.

Innate Class Boosts

By TacticianDaraen. This script allows you to alter the Hit rate, Avoid and Critical hit rate of a class. Go to a class' Custom parameters and set {hit: 10, avoid: 10, crt: 10} to have these values be increased.

True Miracle

By LadyRena. Modifies the "survive with 1hp" version of the built-in Miracle-type Skill to not trigger if the unit already has 1HP, even if the trigger rate is 100%.

Extended Range

By Goinza. This script allows an unit to have increased range when using a weapon, staff or normal item. The unit must have a custom skill with the keyword "WeaponRange" for weapons, "StaffRange" for staves or "ItemRange" for normal items. Also, the skill must have the custom parameters "startRange" and "endRange". For example, {startRange:-1, endRange:2} would make a 2-3 range weapon into a 1-5 range weapon. You can choose to use both parameters or only one of them.

Custom Skills Pack

By Goinza. This is a collection of custom skills that are 100% compatible with any other plugin. The list of skills is: Live to Serve- Critical Factor - Wary Fighter - Extra Healing - Shove - Swap - Smite - Draw Back - Pivot - Reposition - Sacrifice - Buff on Staff. The instructions on how to use each skill are in the script file.

Healing By Percentage

By piketrcechillas. This script allows for customizing healing value to percentage of the target's maximum HP. To use, just add custom parameter {percent: true, value: <your desired percentage>} to a HPrecovery item. For example, {percent: true, value: 0.5} will heal 50% of maximum HP. Note: you should set the original Item Effects to Specify. Setting it to full will override the plugin

Wand Equip Skill

By LadyRena. This script allows for a Skill that enables the wielder to use Staves / Wands. Create a Custom Skill with the keyword "Healer" and give it to a unit.

Double Move

By kirby5790. A skill that allows a unit to double its Mov for one turn by forfeiting any other actions that turn. Requires a state defined specifically for this plugin and a Custom skill with the Keyword 2Move. Check inside for details.

Misc Skill Plugins

These are scripts that are definitely still Skill-based, but which do not fit easily in to the above categories.


By LadyRena. Replicates Make a Killing from Fire Emblem Fates, with three Custom Parameters. To use, create a Skill with the keyword Payday and set the following Custom Parameters: MinGold, MaxGold, and optionally Division. All three must be numbers. The first and second are fairly obvious in function; the third makes sure the gold amounts you get are divisible by the set number. Setting it to 50 will ensure you get 50, 100, 150, 200, etc gold.

Assorted Skill Plugins

Individual scripts are from varying authors, all edited by LadyRena. Includes up to date versions of Aether, Astra, Rend Heaven, Ignis, Colossus, Simple Weaponfaire, Breaker Skills, Riposte Skills, Turn-Based Skills, Blow Skills, Redline Critical, Crazy Beat, Quick Riposte, Redline Slayer and Health Shield. These versions are fully compatible with each other and contain numerous script improvements/fixes.

Blade Mail

This plugin allows a Blade Mail skill that reflects all the damage to the attacker. Manual inside.

Tetrakarn & Makarakarn

This plugin allows a status that erects a barrier to reflect the damage to the attacker ONCE (like Persona). Manual inside.

Weapons and Combat Altering Plugins

These are plugins that affect damage dealt and the combat formula.

Custom Damage per Weapon Type

By LadyRena. This script creates different formulae per each weapon type, but it does not dynamically check the equipped weapon. The version linked is fully vanilla-compliant, and must be edited manually if you wish to use custom or renamed weapon types with it. Please follow the commented instructions inside the .js file to tailor this Script to your needs, or seek out Lady Rena on the /r/SRPGStudio Discord Server for assistance.

Custom Damage Formula

By Goinza. It allows to change the formula on each weapon, like for example make a weapon use 50% skill and 30% speed instead of the default 100% strength (or magic). To make this work, you have to add the custom parameters to the weapon that you want to modify: {alternative:true}, this is necessary to change the formula, you also have to add more parameters depending on the stats that you want. Using the same example, it would be {alternative:true, skl:50, spd:30}. Details on how to use each stat are on the script.

GBA Combat Formula

By Goinza. This changes all the battle formulas and replaces them with the formulas used in the Fire Emblem games on the GBA. This also removes the magic stat, making all attacks and staves be based on the same stat. If you want all the mechanics except the removal of the magic stat, you can instead download this version.

AI Ranged Preference

By LadyRena. This changes the default behavior of the enemy & ally AI. By default, they prefer to use the weapon with the highest Might, even at risk to themselves. With this plugin, they will utilize ranged weapons like Handaxes and Iron Bows, if they have & can use them, to stay out of the way of counterattacks by player & ally units. All you have to do is plop this in your plugins folder - no additional setup is required.

Custom Item Effect Ranges

By o-to, modified by LadyRena. Allows you to set a number of Custom Parameters to create area of effect items. Please read the page for further instruction - it only got its own page due to complexity.

Weapon Ranks

By Goinza. This script adds individual weapon ranks for every weapon type. One of the main features of this script is that it doesn't require any editing to work, it just needs custom parameters, so you can use it without needing to know how the code works. The ranks work like the GBA games, going from E rank to S rank. To make the units have the appropiate ranks, you must use custom parameters. This parameters allows you to write the rank of each weapon for the unit, as well as making additional rank through the parameters of the classes, weapons, items, skills and states. This script also lets you specify a minimun and maximun rank for each weapon type for each class, as well as making the requirement and experience gained for every weapon. Finally, there is the possibility to add stat boosting items that can increase one o more ranks of a certain weapon type, or even make a unit learn a new weapon type without needing to change class.

AI Command: Devil Strike

A Skill-enabled AI Command that lets the AI make attacks with increased power, at decreased accuracy, with some recoil damage. The Skill's keyword is "Devil-Strike", without quotes. You may use the custom parameter settings like so to dictate the exact changes: {dmg:1.5, hit:0.67, recoil:0.33}

Hybrid Weapons

By Goinza. This script allows to make hybrid weapons in two different ways: one is making a weapon that changes the weapon type according the the range attack (Wind sword that attacks like sword at melee and like wind at range), and the other way is to make weapon have two o more weapon types at the same time like, for example a magic tome that is both dark and fire type. Details on how to apply one or both of this effects on weapons are in the readme file.

Item Linked Weapons

By Missing-q. This script allows units with an item in the first slot of their inventory to counterattack with a linked weapon as specified in the custom parameter. This essentially allows for replication of Radiant Dawn staff counterattacking, but can be used for any other type of item. In order to use it, just add the custom parameter {linkwep:ID}, where ID is the numerical ID of a weapon in the Database (you can get weapon IDs by going to Tools>Options>Data and selecting "Display ID next to data name".

Dynamic Magic Ranges

By Balberith. This script allows you use a unit's magic state to determine the range of their magic attacks and staff uses. Details are posted at the top of the file. Note: because SRPG Studio by default only shows player ranges based on the player's equipped weapon, this plugin works better with the player attack range fix script also installed, found: here. Last update: 8/26/2019

Important Note: This plugin may not work if you have other scripts that alter attack ranges. If this happens, you may need to find which plugins cause the clash, and extract and merge the conflicting functions into one file.

Specify Scope Targets Self

By piketrcechillas. This script allows items with the range type of Specify can target itself. Just put into the plugin folder and add custom parameter {plusSelf: true} into the desired item.

Delayed Death

By LadyRena. This script allows Player & Ally units to not die immediately, and instead remain on the map for up to 3 turns with 0 HP. To use, create a State named Dying with the Custom Parameter {Death:true}. It will automatically be assigned to units who reach 0HP, and units at 0HP will be ignored by the AI.

Ally Turn First

By LadyRena. This script swaps the order of Enemy and Ally turns, making Allies act first and Enemies act second - that is, last - before returning to the Player phase. Simply drop it in your plugins folder and you're good to go!


By LadyRena. This script creates D&D style damage, rolling dice and adding bonuses. To set up your weapons, give them Custom Parameters like so: {dice:1,damage:4,bonus:0}. Dice determines how many dice are rolled; damage is the cap each dice can add; and bonus is a raw amount added to the end result. Bonus can be omitted and it will be autoset to a weapon's set Might.

HP Cost for Weapons and Items

By Goinza. With this script, you can make some weapons and items cost HP every time they are used. Details on how to use it are in the readme.

Skill Cooldown Charge Script

By LadyRena. Enables Fire Emblem Heroes-style cooldowns on some skills. See internal instructions.

Gravity Weapons

By piketrcechillas. It creates gravity weapons, i.e. deal damage based on target's HP. Guide is inside.

Fates-Style Brave Weapons

By Goinza. This plugin adds a restriction to weapons with more than 1 attack count, so they only work if the unit initiates combat. If the unit with that weapon is the defending unit, then the weapon will only have one attack.

GBA Inflict State Accuracy Formula

By Ephraim225. This plugin changes the formula for accuracy of items that inflict a state, with some customization options on a per-item basis through custom parameters. Read the plugin comments for more information. Also includes an option for Genealogy-style staff accuracy.

Trick Room Terrain

By Repeat. This plugin allows certain terrain to flip the pursuit formula - that is, slower units attack twice instead. Details and instructions are in the readme.

Bug Fix Scripts

These are plugins that fix various bugs found in the vanilla SRPG Studio engine, because we have to fix the mistakes the engine creators' miss.

Reinforcement Camera Fix v3

By LadyRena. Fixes a bug causing the camera to jerk to the upper left corner of scrollable maps when reinforcements spawn.

Max HP Floor Fix

By LadyRena. Fixes a bug wherein units who spawn with a weapon that subtracts more HP from their max than they have equipped to appear as 0HP units. These units normally die upon engaging combat, regardless of being hit - this script avoids that.

Typo Fixes

By Goinza. Fixes the typos inside the code, like "Prologue" instead of "Prolouge".

Player Attack Range Display Fix

By Balberith. Lets player attack range display the maximum range of their entire weapon inventory rather than just their equipped weapon.

Menu Plugins

This category is used for plugins who had new features to existing menus.

Custom Unit Window

By Goinza. It adds a new window in the unit screen that shows three things: growth stats, support bonus details and states descriptions. A custom Growthless version edited by LadyRena is now available here, which fills the empty space with supports. (Note: to switch between windows on the unit use the left and right arrows keys).

Convoy View

By LadyRena. This plugin adds a new feature to the Convoy screens, letting you view items even if a unit's inventory is full. It also renames the "Take Out" string for space reasons. It is plug and play - simply drop it in your plugin folder and you're good to go.


This category is used for plugins that affect classes and parameters.

Custom Skill Learning

By Goinza. This plugin allows a unit to learn a skill based on its level and class (Awakening and Fates style). By default, SRPG Studio already lets a unit learn a skill based on its level, but not in its class. To make it work, the learnable skills must have the custom parameter "cls" and the value be the name of the class. Detailed instruction are included inside the file, including a way to use the ID of the class instead of its name.

Pseudorandom Bonus EXP Level Ups

By LadyRena. This plugin "fixes" the Bonus EXP Level Up system. In Vanilla, only 3 stats may be raised at most, and it often ignores growth chances. This plugin changes that, randomizing the amount of statups every time a Bonus EXP Level is given out and using the built-in growth chances, including +2s for above-100% growths and not increasing 0% growths. To use, simply put this plugin in your Plugins folder. However, if you have Mov as a growth or any extra stats added to your game, you will need to edit Line 123. The *7 will need to be increased. Happy leveling!

Class Change Rework

By Balberith. This plugin changes how class changing works, and removes the numerical limits on class changing. If items are used to class change, an unpromoted unit will use Class Group 1 when class changing, and a promoted unit will use Class Group 2 when class changing. NOTE: for this plugin to work as intended, a unit's promotion classes must be put into their Class Group 1, and a unit's class change classes must be put into their Class Group 2.

Class Change Split Items

By SomeGuy. This plugin allows for classes to have multiple promotion options that each require a different item. Instructions in comments at top.

Trait System for Units

By Goinza. This script add "Traits", which work similar to the Races, but instead of being for classes, the traits can be assigned to individual units. They can also be assigned to classes, weapons and items. This system includes making weapons be effective against units with a certain trait, restricting the use of weapons and items to units with a certain trait, and making the traits a possible requirement for a class change. Instructions on how to add traits are on the readme file.

Custom Parameter Names per Unit & Class

By LadyRena. Includes LvUp_1 script, which increases stats on-screen one at a time, but these two scripts can be installed separately from each other without issue. Custom Parameter Names allows you to set the Custom Parameters listed in-file on either Units, Classes, or both to customize the name of parameters; for instance, a no-armor class may have Def renamed to Tgh, for Toughness, to emphasize that it is their innate toughness that allows them to take hits. Simply install the script and set the custom parameters as instructed in CustParamNames.js, which can be opened with any text editor, like Notepad.

Reclassing System

By Goinza. This plugin lets you change a unit's class to another of the same tier in the base. Basically, the unit has two class groups that it uses to change classes: the first one is for when is unpromoted, and the other when is promoted. The details on how to use it are in the readme.

Random Enemy Level Ups

By Balberith. This plugin randomly generates enemy levels based on their class and custom growth rates. You also won't have to calculate and plugin enemy stats by hand. This plugin does it for you. Details and customization options are in the readme. UPDATE: Now includes further customization options. These options include:

  • Use extra levels for promoted units
  • Overrides using difficulty custom parameters
  • Set a minimum bound for stats
  • Set a maximum bound for stats
  • Calculate stats based on averages

Last Updated 5/1/2019

Random Stat Variance on Reinforcements

By Goinza. This scripts give random variance on the stats of reinforcements. By default, each unit has it's own variance, and that variance is applied on all it's stats, so all stats get up or down on the same amount. The default amount can go from -3 to 3 (including 0). If you want a specific unit to have a different variance than the defaul [-3, 3], or you want to give a specific variance for each stat, you have to use the custom parameters of the units. Explanation on how to use the custom parameters are on the script itself.


By LadyRena. This script can transfer the stats of one unit to another using only Custom Parameters. However, both units must be present at turn start in the plugin's current version. To use, add the Custom Parameter {BaseUnit:true} to the unit you wish to copy the stats of, and give the Custom Parameter {CopyUnit:true} to the one receiving the stats. Additionally, ensure the Copy Unit has all stats set to 0. Then, simply load a map with both units active on it and engage in a turn change.

Scaled EXP System

By LadyRena. This script enables a set of EXP amounts, one per level, as well as a set of EXP growth scales, also tied to level. Simply follow the instructions in the file and you'll be fine. Enjoy!

Growth Range

By kirby5790. Allows you to designate a range of values for player unit stats to grow on level up aside from +0~1. The random distribution is in a bell curve, weighted according to the unit's database growth rates. Check the plugin for details.

UI Plugins

This category is used for plugins that affect the in-game user interface (UI) in some shape or form.

Colorable Item Names

By LadyRena. This nifty plugin allows you to customize the colors of specific item & weapon names! It is also very easy to use - simply add it to your Plugin folder and then create a Custom Parameter on the item {color:"colorhere"} - for example, {color:"blue"} will net you a deep blue, distinct from the item drops, or {color:"red"}, which obtains a hot new crimson coloration! You can even add custom colors to it yourself quite easily - just get a hex code and add "0x" to the start of it, along with a new if statement to check for your desired color name. Enjoy!

Class Type and Race Icons on Unit Screen

By Goinza and TactHack. This plugin adds 2 icons representing the class type and the race of the unit, next to the level and hp shown in the unit screen. Also, when a weapon is effective against a certain class type or race, instead of showing the name, it will show the icon of said class type or race. Those two modifications are separated on two different scripts, so you can choose to use either one or both scripts, depending on the need of your project.

Stat Bars

Script by Goinza. Bars by Lyolf and Learning Standard. This script adds bars to all the unit stats, so you can have a better idea on how the stats are advancing and how close is the unit to max a stat. Also, the max stats will have a different color that normal stats. Details on how to use this script are in the readme file.

Dynamic RealBattle UI

By Goinza and Hex. This script allows to change the UI of the RealBattle screen dynamically, depending on the unit, chapter or faction. For example, you can make a custom UI for a specific chapter, make a custom UI for each faction. At the same time, you can have a custom UI for a specific unit that overrides the default UI for the map or faction. The instructions on how to set up this are in the script itself. The link also comes with some assets that can be used to test the script, because some of the default assets don't work when using this plugin.

Hide 0 Avoid Display on Terrain

By LadyRena. This plugin hides the Avoid +0 on non-avoid-boosting terrain, causing it to just display the name of the terrain in question.

Change Enemy Range Color

By Goinza. Changes the color of the panel that shows the attack range of all enemies from the default yellow to whatever color you want to choose.

Individual Enemy Range

By Goinza. This script allows to mark individual enemy units and check their range, without having to enable the range of other enemies. Instruction of the script are in the readme file.

Centered Title Menu

Original Script by Goinza, modified by LadyRena. This script centers the title menu. Simply drop it in Plugins and enjoy!

Horizontal Title Menu

By LadyRena. This script creates a horizontal title menu. However, it will often push offscreen on smaller resolutions, so using at least 800x600 is recommended. Simply drop in Plugins and enjoy!

Invisible Menu Bars

By LadyRena. This script makes the official title menu bars invisible, allowing you to work your "menu" in to the background image of the title splash. Just drop in Plugins and enjoy!

Character Illustrations

By Goinza. This script adds the unit's character illustration to several screens on the game: combat forecast, level up, weapon selecting and item menu. You can choose which of them you want to use it, in case some of them are not wanted. More details on the readme.

Staff Animations

By Goinza. This script adds real battle animations for some types of staves. The staves animations are treated as magic attacks, so the classes that use staves must have a magic animation assigned to them. Details on how to use it are in the readme, read carefully the instructions. This plugin also comes with a official script by SapphireSoft to add a song to the staves animations different to the normal battle song.

Dynamic Graphic Phase

By Goinza. This script allows to change the graphics used for each phase (player, enemy and ally). While the editor allows to change said graphic, this script lets you use a different graphic for each map. For example, if you want to change the enemy phase graphic for each different faction that you fight in your game, you can use this to make that happen. Details on how to use the custom parameters are inside the file.

Split-Screen Battle Backgrounds

By LadyRena. A no-installation-required plugin, this plugin sets half the screen to the terrain background of the attacking unit, and the other half to the defending unit in Real Battle. Simply put it in the plugin folder, and you're good to go!

Quality-of-Life Enhancement Pack

By Repeat. Contains several convenient plugins that enhance user experience during gameplay, including:

  • Detailed Unit Window expands the information shown when hovering a cursor over a unit. Can be set in-game to different sizes with varying levels of detail.
  • Objective Window creates a third window that shows custom text and is intended to be used to display the objective.
  • Warning Markers gives a quality-of-life enhancement used by later FE games. When you select a unit, enemies with effective weapons and high critical rates are given a blinking marker. Units that can talk with your selected unit are also marked.
  • Better No-Animation Combat displays attack power, accuracy, and critical rate even when combat animations are turned off.

And more! Details and instructions for all of the above plugins are given in their readmes and in the files themselves.

Weapon Range Display

By piketrcechillas. When using a weapon, the full range of the weapon is shown (that is, every tile that the weapon can reach). Allied units will be marked blue, enemy will be marked red.

New Functions/System Plugins

This category is used for plugins that add completely new functionality or systems that are not native to SRPG Studio.

Iron Man Difficulty

By Goinza. This script allows the user to create a iron man difficulty, where the player can't reset the chapters, even if the units die. To make this, the player now can't make a save file, instead, they can use the "Suspend" command to temporarily save the game, and return later, but this save gets erased when loaded, so the player can't use it as a checkpoint. Instructions on how to use this script are in the file itself.

Forge System

By Goinza. It allows the user to forge weapons to increase their stats. By default, the plugin does not require custom parameters, but there are some parameters that can be added, depending on the circumstances. Detailed instructions are in the readme file. There is also an option to repair used or broken weapons. Both features (forge and repair) are separated from each other, so if you want you can have just one or both of them.

Random Chest Reward System

By LadyRena. This plugin allows the user to set a list of items and chances for them to be obtained from a Chest with an empty output. To use, follow the instructions inside the file - it can be opened with any text editor.

Random Map System

By LadyRena. This plugin allows for specially-marked maps to be chained in to each other at random. Maps should be marked with the custom parameters {LevelReq:#, LevelCutoff:#} to qualify. To facilitate random map selection, create an event that utilizes the Change Scene event, and select "Battle Result". Random Maps cannot head to Base.

Transform System

By Goinza. It adds a new Transform stat, allowing for units to transform into another class. The value of the stat can be changed for every battle the unit participates and for every turn. When the unit reaches the max of the stat, it transforms at the beginning of the turn. Once the unit is transformed, the process is basically the same, with the difference that the unit will untransform when the stat reaches the value 0. If the unit possess this stat, it can be viewed below the HP bar in the unit screen. Instructions on how to use this script along with the details on the custom parameters are in the readme.

Roguelike Reinforcement System

By LadyRena. This plugin scrambles the locations of reinforcements on the map, leading to a Roguelike-dungeon-crawling style setup, where foes can pop up just about anywhere. In order to use this script, pop it in the Plugin folder and add a custom parameter to your map, RogueSpawn, which should be set to true. Enemy reinforcements should not spawn within their Movement distance of the player's units - if they do, contact LadyRena for further research immediately.

Fog of War

By Goinza and Lady Rena. This plugin enables Fog of War on specially marked maps, adds an invisible Vision stat, and allows the creation of Torch items that temporarily increase vision range. A Readme file is included and should be given a use.

Support System

By Goinza. This script introduces the support rank mechanics so you don't have to make a lot of variable to keep track of every single support rank. Now, you only need a global switch for each support and some custom parameters. Detailed instructions are inside the file itself.

Neutral Faction

By Goinza and Lady Rena. Art assets edited by Leafy. This script adds a new faction that is hostile to every other faction, so it can attack and be attacked by your units, your allies and your enemies. Instructions on how to add neutral untis are detailed in the readme. Note: the objective screen won't reflect the neutral faction. Instead, they will be considered part of the enemy faction, but besides that graphical detail, the script works as intended.

Exploration System

By Goinza. This script allows for making maps without combat that work similar to the exploration part of a regular JRPG. You control an unit and can move it around, interacting with objects and other units. Details on how to use the system are in the readme.

AI Altering Plugins

This category is used for plugins that affect the artificial intelligence (AI) used by the engine.

Improved AI - Average Damage

By Goinza. This script improves the way the AI select units to attack, so instead of giving most of the importance to the damage, it makes a better balance considering hit rate, critical rate and amount of attacks by round. It also changes the priority of the AI, so it will give more importance to possible one round kills, attacking without a counterattack, and avoid making suicide attacks (attacking a unit that can one round kill it). For a more detailed explanation, check the file of the plugin itself.

...And The Kitchen Sink

For anything and everything that in the end absolutely do not fit any other kind of category on the site.


By LadyRena. This plugin sells all non-important items for their sale value upon a unit's death in combat. It requires no special installation - just pop it in your plugins folder and you're good to go! However, it is incompatible with Returnall.


By LadyRena. You know how Important-marked items get returned to convoy upon unit death? This plugin sends ALL of a unit's items back to convoy instead. No special installation is required, but it is incompatible with Deathsell.


By LadyRena. Modifies the list of item types protected from theft to include Healing Staves. That's it.

Mastery Skill

By Goinza. This script allows to create an item that teaches a different skill for each unit, depending on its class. The item must be a custom item with the keyword "Mastery", and the unit or its class must have the custom parameter "mastery", with the value being the ID of the skill you want the unit to learn. More details on how the script works are in the file itself.

Weapon Stealing + Held Weapon Guard

By LadyRena. Modifies the Item Stealing system to enable Weapon Theft, but protects the equipped weapon from being stolen.

Sidequest Redirect

By LadyRena. If a sidequest is available from multiple quests, this script enables you to dynamically return to the chapter you left off at when finishing it. Simply put it in plugins and call the following code in the closing event of the sidequest: RedirectControl.doRedirect()

Custom Pursuit

By Aren. A small script that adds a follow up attack for every multiple of the pursuit value a unit is faster than its opponent.

RNG Options

By Goinza. This script allows you to change the RNG used to calculate hit rates for each different difficulty of the game. The RNG availables are 1RN, 2RN and the Hybrid RN used in Fire Emblem Fates. So you can change the RNG to whatever you want, or you can make it different for each difficulty. For example, having 2RN in easy mode and 1RN in normal mode.

Durability Item Rework

By LadyRena. This script enables custom-setting the amount of uses a Durability Repairing item can restore to items it targets. Read the instructions in-file for how to use it.

Percentile Healing Items

By LadyRena. This script enables the creation of custom Percent-based HP healing items. Read the instructions inside for how to use the script.

Equipment Script

By LadyRena. This script enables two custom item types, Shield and Accessory. To use, read the instructions in-file.

Revival Herb

By LadyRena. This script creates a type of revival item. They are one-use, automatic consumables that activate upon the death of the unit holding them. They restore the unit to full HP and disappear. To use, create any item with the custom parameter {Revival:true}. Instructions are also in-file!


By piketrcechillas. This plugin autosaves at the start of each turn of Player Phase, and create a new Load Auto Save button on title menu. For example, if you are at turn 5 and load autosave you'll be at turn 4.

Select FX

By Repeat. With this plugin, you can give unique sound effects to player units when they are selected during battle, for example with little voice lines like later FE games do. Details are in the readme.

Percentage Healing from Terrain

By snoop doge. A simple script that overrides the "Auto Recovery Value" field for terrain to represent a percentage of the occupying unit's max HP, rather than a flat number. For example, setting this field to 20 for a Fort will cause it to heal 20%, same as in the GBA/DS Fire Emblem games.