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So yeah. I decided to go through with the idea and do a screenshot LP. An actual one that I intend to finish.

I've always been a video LPer, and while I don't necessarily think screenshot LPs are the most effective way to present Fire Emblem, there are still advantages to the format. Mainly, since I'm not promoting it on my channel, it'll be safely tucked away in the peaceful meadows of my forums, where the talkative yet still sane group of my viewers reside.

I've been promising exclusive content on these forums for a while, and while the blog stuff is nice, I... feel like this will help provoke discussion between my fans and I more often, and bring us closer. I know that sounds cheesey but... I dunno, I guess under all my cynicism, I'm a starry eyed softie or "Tsundere" to you fuckin' weebs.

Anyway, we're gonna be looking at Old Fire Mumblem. This was the first Fire Emblem hack I made that had custom chapters and wasn't a reskin hack. This hack is short, made by me, and intentionally designed to be LP'd, this is probably the best start I can ask for in the world of screenshot LPing since it allows me to analyze my growth as an FE hacker, while still being stupid and hilarious to read.

... Of course, if you wanna split hairs, you can count my LP of Project Shoeshine's Archerville and the unfinished screenshot LP of Ephraim225's Boss Rush, but those are lame. This is the REAL first Markyjoe screenshot LP. This is a screenshot LP from the streets!

Anyway, without further ado, click the bloody links! And remember to leave replies. I know I lurk around these forums a lot and come off as a shy dude, but I really do love talking, and I get super excited whenever people say stuff that I can say stuff back to!

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