The README for Tactician's Hell:

Tactician Hell Version 0.1
Created by MarkyJoe1990
July 25th 2010 - First Release (0.1)
- Level 1 Completed
- A UPS Patcher. Go here for a nice one
- A Game Boy Advance Emulator. Google one.
- A clean US ROM of Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword
- Lots and lots of virtue

What is this?
This is a merciless, evil Fire Emblem hack that
will make you cry. Hatred shall ensue, kittens
shall be kicked, and controllers will be broken.
Do not play this hack for long if you want your
sanity to remain intact.

Why did you make this?
For novelty purposes. Most hacking communities
typically have a hack that's unbelievably hard.
I just wanted to fill in the void for the Fire
Emblem Community. Plus I was bored.

This hack makes me wanna tear you apart!
Good. I've achieved my goal.

Will you update this?
Yes, but only when I want to.

Why would anyone wanna play this?
People have their reasons.

What kind of reasons?
Well, to name one, if anyone is working on
their own Fire Emblem hack and want to
make it super hard, they can always look at this
hack and remember why that's a bad idea.

Do you have any other hacks?
Yes. Fire Mumblem Revised Edition is my
main Fire Emblem hacking project. Unlike
this piece of crap, Fire Mumblem aims
to be high quality. It also parodies bad
Fire Emblem hacks. If you are interested
in it, go to this link:

I wanna send you hate mail.

These are the people you should bitch and
moan at for making it possible for this hack
to exist

- 7eld for his Feditor Adv

- Nintenlord for his event assembler
- Pukachi, Arch, Icy Toast, FlyingAce24, MarioBro3828, and everyone else who made the FE Nightmare Modules

- Blazer for FE Hacking tutorial

- Me, because I'm the only douche bag willing to piss people off with this hack.

This is probably the most hilarious readme of them all(even if some of it is lies), but maybe I should show the other ones whenever I'm about to start a new markyjoe hack...

Anyways, Tactician's Hell is a hack intended to be super hard. But here's the thing: It really isn't! I mean, it only goes on for one chapter, but that chapter isn't that complicated or hard to deal with! All you need is a good general strategy and some luck, unless you're going for 100%, which requires a fantastic hyperspecific strategy and lots of luck. Good thing I'm not going for 100%, right?

MarkyJoe Said:
Tactician Hell I feel is the precursor to Ragefest.

Also, getting 100% is impossible, you can at the very least beat the chapter with all units alive. I've seen it be done.
Anyways, I'm sure you're all curious, so let's get to the one and only TACTICIAN'S HELL EPISODE!