Super Hard Lyn Mode Extra: Some Notable Discussion On The LP

Blademaster! said:
How old are some of these? I remember Fire Mumblem, but Tactician's hell and super lyn mode not so much.

Markyjoe said:
I believe I made Super Hard Lyn Mode at 17 or 18 years old.

Doctor Robert Said:
I think every hacker started out modding Lyn mode or something like that... Maybe it was only bad because Marky was learning how to do this stuff back then? (it seems overwhelmingly hard to me which is why I haven't gotten into it)

Watch as I eat my own words as we go along here......

Markyjoe said:
You are correct.

There weren't many tutorials back then, so some things had to be learned through trial and error. I never got the hang of changing enemy positions and adding units through the nightmare editor.

Though, with that said, the hack would have been bad no matter what. You can't make a reskin of Lyn Mode interesting with just nightmare. Or. You can, but you would have to be very skilled at enemy positioning and modifying stats for balancing and difficulty. And the only person I know of who pulled that off was DLuna with his FE6 Redux, one of my favorite hacks.

But alas. That's about as far as you can go with something like that. Even then, how many people want to replay FE6 when they could just play a shiny brand new game like Midnight Sun (Another one of my favorite hacks)?

Zoruad said:
Also, a question for Marky. Out of all of your hacks, which one do you like the most?

MarkyJoe said:
The one I like most is a toss up between Fire Mumblem: Revised Edition and Chronicles of Lussaria.

I feel like FM:RE was where I finally established my level design style: give the player a buttload of stuff to do and encourage risky, fast play for the highest rewards. It's also the hack I most regret not finishing. I had so many ideas at the time, and I was still good friends with BuringPenitentEngine, who was the guy I had LP my hacks back then. His opinions helped inspire me to improve and make more content for him to play. I had so much momentum that could have helped me finish the hack. I still have the map for Chapter 5, which looks amazing. In fact. Lemme show it off here.

With Chronicles of Lussaria, My level design skills were the highest they had ever been, and by making The Corruption of Roy, I learned a lot about how not to write a story (I also looked up a lot of story writing stuff). The comedy writing in that hack was wittier and more consistent than anything I wrote before, and I almost perfected my level designing skills. I say almost because I feel Chronicles of Lussaria was too deliberate in its design. If you wanted to get everything, the solution had very little flexibility, and a very important part of gameplay is allowing the player to express themselves through their strategies and movements. Disregarding that though, the maps, including the unreleased chapter 2, are very fun to play.

CoL has a massive amount of maps that never made it into the game, well over 30, and there was a plethora of chapter ideas I had planned. I would redesign maps constantly because I wanted the level design to be as good as possible, and my determination was higher than it had ever been.

... Until I was crushed by depression, self hatred and guilt.

I still have most of those maps by the way, and maybe in the future, I will show them off.


I thought about the idea of modernizing Super Hard Lyn Mode, and these are a couple of ideas I came up with.
  • Obviously, there would be custom Maps, events, and cutscenes. Also rebalancing. ASM!!
  • Fire Mumblem/Chronicles of Lussaria's Bonus Task System might be implemented.
  • Changed cutscenes would be inspired by the original game, including class choices, certain enemy types, etc.
  • Characters from Lyn Mode would still be in, but some other FE7 characters would show up, like perhaps Eliwood. Also, I would also give Guy and Adam proper portraits and have them join your team.
  • Guy would probably be an archer instead of a myrmidon with bow rank.
  • I would remove all glitches, but use them as inspiration for the game's plot. For example, remember how suspending the game on certain chapters makes Glitch Rath appear? Instead, I would have him teleport in every few chapters, say "...", then disappear. At some point, he would join your team, and his personality and dialogue would be all glitchy and weird. Alternatively, I might have him as a gimmick for a few chapters. He'd show up, and suddenly the whole map looks like a jumbled mess, changing terrain and making the battle more difficult. If you defeat him or he leaves, the map reverts back to normal.
  • Evil Lyn would be explained in the most absurd way possible. Something like The Fooker mastered the art of stem cell research and used Lyn's DNA to create a clone of her as her ultimate challenge. One of Lyn's allies would be a spy who would obtain this for him (Or perhaps Eliwood, seeing how he is The Fooker, would leave your team and reveal himself as the villain), and when you fight the two Yogis, that would be foreshadowing to this event.
  • First chapter, Lyn would have a weapon called "Hair tentacle" that allows her to attack her foes with her hair (animation included). However, because Lyn uses so much conditioner and shampoo, her hair is soft and cozy, and deals no damage to the enemy. She would then never use this ability again. Perhaps Evil Lyn uses it against her and can actually damage with it, causing Lyn to lament never training up her Hair Weapon Rank.
  • Batta would move and have much higher stats, enough that you can't beat him without terrain advantage. Seizing the throne while he's still alive would trigger a funny dialogue and kill him. As an optional strategy, you can steal the throne and beat him for EXP and maybe extra goodies.
  • Inside Out man would be a boss, or an enemy type that you fight every now and then, kinda like an elite mook. He'd also have a portrait, showing him in all of his grotesque close up glory.
  • The sniper from that chapter where you hit the switches would have her own portrait, a boss icon, and her own dialogue. She'd have a ditzy, self-absorbed personality, and her boss quote would be something like... "I'm gonna kill you! But first... SELFIEEEEEE!"
  • It would actually be hard. Though, not too hard, since I want people to still play it and laugh at all the weird ass shit I do. But perhaps I'd have an "even harder" mode that makes the game truly live up to its title.
That's all I got for now. I am interested in doing this, but... I dunno. Lately I've been finding it hard to get back into FE hacking. Still. The thought of the game getting a remake... just seems awesome.

Zoruad said:
...and which one do you dislike the most?

MarkyJoe said:
That's kind of a tough one. It's probably a toss up between The Corruption of Roy and Project Shoe Shine.

The Corruption of Roy is a Ragefest submission, but it takes itself way too seriously. It also has bits of silliness that don't gel well with its dark atmosphere.

The level design is just. awful. I hate playing it everytime I go back to it. While I complained that Chronicles of Lussaria is too deliberate in its design, The Corruption of Roy takes that to the extreme in Part 1. You have almost no choice in how you play assuming you're trying to get everything. The only real choice you're given is to train up Lilina, but while her fire power is extremely good, and the bolting tome trivializes segments in part 2, her paper thin defense and the extremely limited supply of weapons makes it barely worth it, if at all. And everything just takes. so. LONG!! Part 1 takes, like, 25 turns to complete, and then you have to slowly and very procedurally obtain the restore staff to deal with Hujix in part 2 while searching for a switch that requires loads of trial and error to find because lol Ragefest.

The dialogue, while occasionally funny (IE: Sophia recruiting Shigeid) and providing extra characterization for some of FE6's cast (IE: Sophia and Cath talk), is otherwise very stilted and very inorganic. "Sophia?" "Yes, Lilina?" Who the hell responds like that? Also Roy's transition from pretending to be nice to Sophia to WAHAHA I'M EVIL is so abrupt that it just leaves me dumb founded.

The story has some interesting bits. I've always liked Roy as a character and think people don't give him enough credit. Being able to put a dark twist on his character was cool, and I think I actually did a good job making sense out of it and explaining Roy's character in general. But jeez. Why oh why did Roy have to become a cartoon villain when you actually meet him? There's so much build up before that point, and for that to be the climax? It's such a shame.

Now. Despite these faults, I do feel that this hack was important to my progression as an FE hacker. I try very hard to analyze, discover, and learn from my mistakes, and it's thanks to this hack that my writing skills matured enough to make something like Chronicles of Lussaria.

I feel the idea behind the hack has potential (Roy going insane), but I executed it poorly because of my inexperience with story writing, and if it wasn't a Ragefest submission, I might have designed the maps for sane people.

As for Project Shoe Shine, this... hack is just really really poorly designed. It was made during the phase in my hacking exploits where I was becoming really depressed and self hating, and losing motivation to be productive. The result is that the chapters are very clearly rushed and not well thought out. Archerville is clearly incomplete (What do you do with the prisoner?), and Berserkerland or whatever it's called is way too hard, and reliant on your units not getting RNG screwed at the start of the chapter. Perhaps this is worse than The Corruption Of Roy because of how pointless it is, and how little I improved from doing it.