Okay, so. You're probably wondering about the topic title. You see, this LP is SPECIAL. I won't be playing just one hack. Instead, I'll be playing six separate hacks, all made by the same person. The quality between them varies WILDLY, and some of it will be terrible in a zany fashion, or just terrible. Markyjoe1990, the creator of all the hacks, is a relatively well-known FE hack youtuber/reviewer, and he is VERY CRITICAL. LET'S FIND OUT ABOUT HIS RIGHT TO JUDGE Let's find out about his OWN dark past!

I'll be playing the hacks in a very specific order. Keep in mind that I need to play them in this order, because this is the order they were made in, and they all sort of together form a VERY WEIRD "canon"(eg: If I don't play them in this order you won't understand the "in jokes"). Also, all the hacks are unfinished or abandoned to some degree. Anyways, here's the order I'll play them in:

Super Hard Lyn Mode: The very first hack Markyjoe released, it's basically a reskin of Lyn mode, made to be "super hard"(note the quotes). It's terrible in every since of the word, and thus will be a great way to start things off. It's length is the whole of Lyn mode, but the chapters are short so it shouldn't take THAT long. Markyjoe made changes to Eliwood mode as well, but he never specified what they were or if they were worth seeing, so we won't be caring about them. If you need something to compare it to, it's like a really early and REALLY WEIRD Chaos Mode, except not really.

Tactician's Nightmare: It's one level of pure insanity. Pure, imbalanced, terribly designed, luck-based insanity. It plays like a bad ragefest hack, and will likely only take 1 update. Markyjoe said that some people had no trouble with the level while other ended up tearing their hair out over it. I guess we'll see, won't we?

Old Fire Mumblem: Marky's first full custom hack. Except not really, because all the portraits are copied. It's terrible, at many points not even in an entertaining way, and Marky admitted that the only interesting part about it is the dialogue, which is so impossibly explicit I might get an infraction for posting it in uncensored form. I'll find some way to deal with it, don't worry! It's length is about 7 chapters or so if I remember right, after which the hack kind of peters out.

New Fire Mumblem(also known as Fire Mumblem: Revised Edition): Basically Fire Mumblem TAKE TWO! It's the first hack on the list with gameplay that someone MIGHT CONCEIVABLY ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY. Believe me, that says something! Of course, markyjoe abandoned this one after even less chapters, but that's okay, because it isn't THAT great.

Corruption of Roy: I didn't initially PLAN on playing this, but my viewers convinced me otherwise. I regretted listening to the peer pressure, it was a Ragefest submission for a reason!

Project Shoeshine: I would LIKE to play this, but I can't, because it was only available on Marky's forums, and they apparently disappeared at some point, and the link on the thread on serenes forest just gives me a 404 error.

Fire Mumblem: Chronicles of Lussaria: All the numerous failures and train wrecks FINALLY come together to form a hack with an interesting plot, an entertaining cast and dialogue, good gameplay, and interesting concepts, which all lasts for an amazing TWO CHAPTERS! Beautiful! This will be the finale for this LP thread.

MarkyJoe Said:

Oy... Super Hard Lyn Mode. Are you sure you wanna LP that one? It's super boring. Its only redeeming trait is probably the inside jokes it sets up for Old Fire Mumblem, which people prolly won't get anyway if they didn't watch BuringPenitentEngine's LP of SHLM. ;-;

Ah well. Either way, it's about time I got a roast.

By the way, I think Fire Mumblem: Revised Edition is one of the two hacks in this collection I consider good (Chronicles of Lussaria is the other). I'm also gonna say that I think the gameplay design is a tad more free compared to Chronicles of Lussaria, where everything's planned and you kinda gotta do things a specific way. Of the two hacks, I wish I had finished the former more than the latter, but alas...

Also, Tactician's Nightmare is actually called Tactician Hell. While we're at it, here's an extra fun fact: it was supposed to have more chapters, but I gave up whilst finishing up the second because I hated it and didn't find it fun. Basically, it was just a field with nothing on it but your player units. Once you ended your turn, berserkers would spawn on enemy phase just... kind of outta thin air and attack you, and the only way to win was by just memorizing their spawn points each turn and blocking them. It was a damn chore.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye on this topic and see if I can throw in a little bit of exclusive creator's commentary deluxe whenever I feel it's appropriate.