Fire Emblem Poop (FE7U)

By Tambo (Posted by 16)

Posted On: 01/01/1970 12:00:00 AM


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This is shit Luigi...



Posted on: Apr-09-2019 4:22:55 AM by 13

I enjoyed the hack very much at first, but my opinion slowly went downhill. The best part of the game is without a doubt the beginning, where you get the silly fun adventure you wanted to have when you downloaded the hack. However, the game slowly gets worse and worse as time goes by. There are an extreme amount of self-inserts that I assume to be Tambo's friends. However, they make absolutely no sense in context of what the game is about. There are Tambo himself, which is understandable, Severa, who I assume is his waifu makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and her personality doesn't suit the game at all, and a few more of his (i assume) friends come down the road, being edgy and having no place in a game like this. I understand wanting to insert people that you like, but do it in a game that isn't supposed to be a meme hack. The difficulty goes from easy, to medium, to insanely difficult after the route split. I'm almost positive Link's route is a possible to beat unless the RNG blesses you really hard, as the characters you get are extremely weak compared to the enemies you face. I haven't played tambo's route, but I assume it's similar or even worse. The difficulty spike is so immense that it makes me question what Tambo was even thinking after the split. On Link's route (chapter 5A) there is a silver sword myrmidon with 15 strength and capped speed and skill. If any unit engages in combat with him, they will 100% die unless you are really lucky. The only unit who could maybe dodge an attack is Link, and even then the hitrate is still in the 70's. He moves towards you along with a fighter early on in the level in a small corridor, which makes the level either impossible or impossible without insane luck. I can't speak for Tambo's route though, so if you play the game I'd advise you pick his, even if the characters are edgy and make no sense. Overall I'm being generous and giving it 3 waffles just because of how nice the early game was, but the game becomes so bad later on I can't rate it any higher.

Posted on: Apr-26-2019 8:56:59 PM by 25

My initial thoughts on this game were very positive - it was absolutely hilarious and never failed to make me laugh. However, I think the game really began to drag by the Robotonik map. At that point the humor started to wane, but I still smiled here and there. The maps could overall be a lot better. Some of them go on for way too long, and the large number of desert maps can make the hack very tedious to play. That isn't to say there aren't any good maps in this hack, but the ones that aren't good really are a slog to play. While I commend Tambo for how much effort he put into his hack, if he improved a bit on his maps in the late game, I would go as far to say that it's one of the best FE hacks 2019 has provided so far.