Fire Emblem Different Dimensions: The Ostian Princess (FE7U)

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Posted On: 01/01/1970 12:00:00 AM

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WARNING: Extremely noobish hack ahead made with tons of non-existent experience, skipping it and going ahead with your life is recommended.

This is my first Fire Emblem Hack, and it tells a story similar to Lyn's. It features the daughter of Lilina(from Fire Emblem VI), Lilian.

A young girl who looks a lot like her mother when she was young, like Lyn, she was born on the Lorca tribe but her father was not Hassar, Lilian's father was Monke, a former member of the Djute clan.

Monke joined the Lorca because that was the most peaceful tribe to live happily with his wife and daughter. There, he became the Lorca tribe's chief. The rest of the story you will find out.


Basic changes, it's my first hack, so please take it easy.

Here's the list of changes:

- New characters (Playables and Enemies).
- Different story(similar to Lyn's, but different).
- Some new weapons.
- Extra scenes in some parts of the game/hack.


[Utilities used]
- Visual Boy Advance
- Nightmare
- unLZ-GBA
- TileLayerPro
- IpsXP
- StealthPatch
- Tsukumoyi

[ROM Editing]
- The creators of all the Nightmare Modules I used, check out the list here.
- Twilkitri - parser used for text.

I do not own the rights to Fire Emblem, also, I'm not affiliated in ANY way with Nintendo, nor Intelligent Systems.



Posted on: Mar-27-2019 4:34:20 AM by 7

One of the most infamous hacks there is, I would totally give it five waffles out of irony, but that would be dishonest. There's no real direction for the plot, chapters are basically rehashes of FE7's tutorial, no real challenge, etc. and eventually the chapters start looping over and over with no ending. If you're into hacks that are bad enough to the point of being silly, however, it might be worth a shot.