Sword of Heaven and Earth (Menu translation by Kirb) (FE7U)

By 38% (Japanese hacker) (Posted by 30)

Posted On: 01/01/1970 12:00:00 AM

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This is a completed Japanese FE7 hack made by 38% (this is the only name I could find for him/her). Here is a link to his/her blog in which they detailed the development of the hack in 2015-2016: http://38.doorblog.jp/

Here is information about the hack copied from its readme and translated through DeepL:

This is a side story style patch aimed at Thrace in Sword of the Seal.
It's only a breeze, so the second half is mostly an original story. Think of it as a parallel world.
I don't recommend it to those who don't like the chuunibanji or want to cherish the original setting. It's not recommended for those who don't like chuunibanji and don't care about the original setting.

If you find any bugs or improvements, please report them to me.
Your opinions will be reviewed here as well, but we'll try to reflect them as best we can.
[2015/09/03]We also welcome information on extremely weak (strong) units.

Major Changes.
All scenarios changed
All maps are changed.
All characters have been changed.
Change bandit CC to rogue.
Add Halberdiers.
Ported some sealed classes.
A few more weapons.

Currently unimplemented.
Supportive conversation
Pair end
Change the animation of the main character after CC.
Sound Room
The evaluation of each character's battle record when using Afua's Drop

These will be added in a future update...maybe.
Don't expect too much.


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