Resonance: The Hotfix (FE8U)

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Fire Emblem: Resonance was the spiritual successor to Void's Blitzarre Adventure; a group project by various members of the Fire Emblem community to get a hack done in a very short timeframe. Led by Kirb, It was first released in February of 2018. However, there were numerous issues with Resonance. Game Breaking glitches, horribly unbalanced chapters and bad maps, and many other issues, along with drama amongst the developers themselves. Resonance was one of the worst ROM hacks as a result, treated by everyone involved as a complete dumpster fire that should've been forgotten.

For some reason, I didn't forget, and spent the next years attempting to fix Resonance, first with an awful attempt known as Resonance Resurgence, arguably worse than the original. After rounding up as many glaring issues and fixing them up, I created Resonance: The Hotfix. Its purpose was just to fix up numerous unplayably bad segments of Resonance while adding in a few needed visual tweaks and some new recruitable characters. Quality of life changes have also been added for everyone's sanity, along with a complete overhaul of character and boss stats to be more in line with Sacred Stones' enemies. Many of the worst chapters have been removed for everyone's sanity, along with the other nonsense like same-turn Ice Dragon reinforcements.

Currently, Edgar route is complete. Morps route is incomplete and likely will never be finished. The (awful) story also only goes up to Chapter 3.



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god tier hack