Hiraeth: Legacies (The Empyrean Prophecy) (FE8U)

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This is Fire Emblem Hiraeth: Legacies (Or The Empyrean Prophecy).
The first in a three-part saga.

It is a story of love, trust, betrayal,
death, and, above all, home.

Halcyon and Mako are the twin children of the New Kytheran royal family, a
line that only produced one heir for over a thousand years. Fitting the
description of those said to fulfill the Empyrean Prophecy and restore the
legendary city of Aether, Halcyon and Mako are moved by destiny and
society alike to fulfill their responsibilities as Empyrean Children, heirs
to the throne of New Kythera, and human beings.

However, a sudden increase in organized bandit raids from Mastonda,
New Kythera's neighbor, create chaos and confusion in Halcyon and
Mako's homeland, as do mysterious forces from Torrance, New
Kythera's other neighbor, that reinforce these attacks. The blame is
widely placed on Torrance's highest military leader, Caiaphas, but
the twins suspect there are darker and more twisted motives behind
these attacks than those Caiaphas alone could be involved in.

Motives that involve the Empyrean Prophecy, and what it means for
the entirety of Wider Kythera...


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