Prisoner Of Darkness

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Prisoner Of Darkness
Created by: Blazer
Showcased in: Ragefest II: The Sequelening
Engine: FE7
Prisoner Of Darkness is Blazer's submission in Ragefest Two. It is a hack of Blazing Sword.

This chapter follows Eliwood's rather depressing inner conflict over being perceived as a weakling by the fanbase. It was initially disqualified due to excessive required luck, however Blazer was allowed to tone down the required luck and re-submit. However, the generally depressing atmosphere and vague puzzle solutions do not make it a fan-favorite. Because the map consists entirely of a black space, no map will be provided.


This chapter is a series of challenges that must be completed within a 60 turn limit. First, Fighters initially threaten to kill Eliwood on their first turn. These Fighters must all be killed. One will drop an item called the Last Resort; do not waste this. To avoid damage, Eliwood must stand on the fort three tiles above and three tiles to his left. The fort has 100 avoid, so Eliwood can avoid the damage there. After the Fighters are killed, the player must make a very specific set of moves: First, move three tiles left and three tiles north. Then, move five tiles left. Finally, move four tiles to the right, and one tile south. For the third challenge, end your turn over and over until the fourth challenge starts. Four Shamans appear: Kill the one in the north to receive an Iron Rune, then the one in the south for a Wind Sword. (This challenge may be impossible if your luck with level-ups is bad.) The Wind Sword is important due to the stat boosts it comes with. In the fifth challenge, the Swordmaster at the top of the map has a fake Wo Dao: Kill him to move on. The next challenge is to kill all the enemies, but you must move around the map to make them appear. At one point, the game will ask, "Find Friends or Foes?" This will make either more enemies or NPCs appear, but the enemies drop many valuables, making "Foes" the more valuable option. The next challenge includes enemies that will steal your items, including the Iron Rune, so tread carefully. On turn 43, more enemies appear, but they shouldn't be threatening at this point. If your Wind Sword is depleted, you may be able to steal another from an enemy if they have one. The final challenge is to kill an Eliwood look-alike with a new sword. Kill him before the timer runs out to complete the chapter, which always gives a game over screen.