Bullet Hell Madness

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Bullet Hell Madness
Created by: Ephraim225
Showcased in: Ragefest III: Douchey Today, Relieved Tomorrow
Engine: FE7
Bullet Hell Madness is Ephraim225's submission in Ragefest Three. It is a hack of Blazing Sword.

Bullet Hell Madness is a sequel to Ephraim225's previous submission, Rondo of Madness. Having been introduced to Touhou Project, Bullet Hell Madness contains a few elements from that series, particularly the appearance of Reisen Udongein Inaba (bearing the worst portrait in history, mind you) and two other Touhou characters, Tewi and Kaguya. It has not been as well received as Rondo of Madness was, but it is still considered decently enjoyable despite its heavy use of internet memes.





Outside Area

At the beginning, the player is asked if they are "still a man". Answering "Yes" spawns the player with Eliwood's class and a Rapier; answering "No" spawns the player with Lyn's class and the Mani Katti (the latter happens by default if the cutscene is skipped.) Eliwood's class is recommended for better durability. First, talk to Nick to get his Yotsmung back. From left to right, the houses do the following:

  • Recruit three useless soldiers
  • Spawn enemy Myrmidons with 255 Crit weapons and enables the recruitment of Dorcas
  • Nothing, yet
  • Gives 5,000 gold and spawns the Money Men, which includes Dorcas, who is recruitable by the player character
  • Unit is trapped by four enemy tents
  • Recruits Guy
  • Gives an Elixir
  • Spawns Glass, who has the Door Key needed to advance

In addition, every five turns, Reisen activates some kind of effect. These are the effects she uses, in the order she uses them:

  • Summons healers with staves that are used to drain an enemy's health
  • Summons NPC Myrmidons with 255 Crit weapons
  • Summons Archers with Ballistae
  • Summons Clerics with Berserk Staves
  • Fog of War for 5 turns
  • Fog of War with less vision for 5 turns
  • Rain for five turns (This allows Matthew to move on walls for some reason)
  • Sandstorm for five turns (This does nothing)
  • Absolutely nothing
  • Changes the player character into an enemy for 5 turns (Rescue them so they can't do anything in this state when it happens)

The first objective is to reach the house on the far right, visit to spawn Glass, kill him (Resisting his Glass Sword until it breaks by standing on a fort or forest is ideal) and use his Door Key on the door. This spawns several NPC units, and Tewi. Tewi is almost unkillable and will come after you. Recruit Yogi by talking to him with Nick, then have Matthew Steal an Iron Rune so the soldiers surrounding him don't get criticals. He can also talk to Guy to receive a Killing Edge. His Lockpick is obtained by waiting on the lower left mountain tile, however neither door can be opened until a unit waits on the fort facing whichever door you wish to open. You now have a choice between two paths. Also remember to get a Restore and Mend for Priscilla, just in case.

Left Path

This path features Lloyd and Linus as bosses (in completely incorrect classes, of course) along with several Mages, Cavaliers, and a few wall Ballistae. The best strategy here seems to be to use Yogi to choke the gap in the wall. The Cavaliers move first, so they should block all places the Mages could have used to reach him, as they move after the Cavaliers. Nick can work on taking out the Mages, having a triangle advantage. If you're lucky, Archers will block the chokepoint and allow Nick to safely take out every enemy that runs behind them. Note that attacking either Linus or Lloyd causes them to move closer to one another, triggering their support bonuses. Other than this, however, they do not move, and killing only one of them is required, so using the Killing Edge is recommended. With Guy, even if it doesn't one-round your target of choice, he will be close to death afterwards.

Next up is the maze. There are invisible enemies treading the walls that have Killing Edges and the Silencer skill. Use magic while staying away from any wall tiles to avoid them, and press start to verify their positions. The chest has a Knight Crest in case you feel like leveling Marcus or Yogi all the way up to level 10. The bosses in the maze do in fact move, but they are merely generic Cavaliers. Again, killing just one opens the way forward, though they may both block your way forward.

Right Path

Similar to the left path, you must choke the gap with Yogi. Giving him a Javelin lets him fight the ranged enemies, but you must also be aware of invisible wall assassins. The bosses for this path are a pair of Cavaliers. Killing them is not hard, however killing one causes the other to join you. The nearby chest has a Knight Crest for either of them to pick up. Make your choice and head on forward.

There are 18 chests here arranged in a circle. Standing on a chest causes some type of effect or gives an item. Starting from the top left corner and going clockwise, here's what's in the boxes:

  • Gives a Pure Water
  • Gives a Torch
  • Farina takes all your money
  • Gives 5,000 gold
  • Gives a Body Ring
  • Gives the Emblem Seal
  • Gives a Lockpick
  • Hannah takes all your money
  • Gives an Iron Rune
  • Hector takes all your money
  • Gives 1,000 gold
  • Reimu accepts a generous donation of all your money
  • Gives a Yotsmung
  • Gives a Light Rune
  • You give Florina all your money
  • Gives 500 gold
  • Limstella demands all your money
  • Causes Aion to appear. Killing him opens the way forward.

Throne Room

By now the Clerics with Berserk staves should have spawned. They never move, but keep a Restore handy just in case. Never be in range of more than one of them since they actually target Priscilla as well, and Berserking her disables her staff usage. The chests here contain a Guiding Ring for Nick or Priscilla (You'll need to purchase Anima tomes for her) and a Hero Crest for Guy. To deal with Reisen, be prepared to attack her the turn after you open her door, because she takes damage from the scripted fight even though Tewi's weapon backfires on her. She heals on the throne, so it's best to strike while the iron is hot. However, after killing her once, she respawns and must be killed again with better stats; this time your best bet is a promoted Guy with the Killing Edge, or the player character with the same. Don't forget to have whoever fights her hold the Iron Rune in case of a critical hit.

After seizing the throne, the real Reisen joins you, a Morph army appears, and the player character is promoted. Luckily, a magic seal appears to shut down the Mage morphs, but Reisen can't fight while he's there. Wait until the Mages are dead before talking to him to turn off the seal. Also, it took her long enough, but the house that originally did nothing can now be visited to recruit Nino, who can in turn talk to Jaffar (he's invisible, look in the right part of the map) to recruit him. This is not necessary however, as Teodor should be the only enemy left. Attacking him once causes him to Rewarp to the throne of the castle, so either one-round him or have Reisen nearby to hit him with Luna after attacking him once. Berserkers also spawn if he Rewarps, but the chapter ends as soon as he's dead.

Alternate Ending

To achieve the alternate ending, complete the chapter while also achieving the following:

  • Keep all generic Soldiers alive.
  • Kill Tewi yourself. She's easily distracted by NPC units, but the only real way to damage her is with Yotsmung and the poison it inflicts.
  • Talk to Kishuna to disable the magic seal.
  • Recruit Jaffar.
  • Finish the chapter without killing Denning.