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My Castle Chaos
I've been busy playing FE Fates to death and decided to have a bit of fun working My Castle into a challenge map of sorts.

Then I thought how would I get feedback from others to know if they found it tough...(And I don't believe the built-in feature the game has)
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So I'll put this up to you people. Try and attack My Castle, Foxfire Hideout, and see how long it takes you to beat it.

Here's the address:

Let me know what you think.
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Your units on the side were kinda easy to pick off once you get the right type of units in place to take them out. Although, normally the only problem that I see if the fact that your high speed and the Throne makes it incredibly frustrating to even get a hit on you, I found a way to make it a little easier just by sspamming a Hexing Rod and a Counter. Even then, I got lucky with the Hexing Rod, and my Counter Unit didn't get a Miracle like I wanted and I ended up having to use a Waterwheel Aether to get the job done.

I didn't really find it to be tough, just tedious. Especially since I had to bait out Hinkopter in order to destroy the buildings to get rid of the Dawn and Dusk Dragon Statues.
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I think I know the counter to the castle.

Warp staff and focus on throne.
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