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Tokyo Mirage Sessions (SMT X FE)
Hello everyone, so as we all may or may not know, TMS is coming out for release tomorrow (as of the time I am writing this of course), and I thought it'd be a little fun to write a session by session (or chapter by chapter if applicable) review of the game as I go along; I will try to avoid spoilers myself, but if you feel like you need to write one down, please use the spoiler tag first. anyone is free to write their own opinions or experiences here. I hope you are all as excited as I am, because I have only really saw the ridiculous side of it so far, without further ado thank you all for taking the time to view this
I hear the game is good...

too bad it had absolutely TERRIBLE sales in Japan...
So I have just picked up my copy not too long ago, unfortunately I have to wait until I get home from work before I can play it at all. But what I can do is review the case. To me, it seems to draw attention, without being too flashy;  it shows the characters without giving too much away outside of what we would already know from the preview
Chapter 0 (prologue): Reincarnation

There isn't much to say about this chapter, it is a prologue in every sense of the word. Starting off with some dark back story, followed quickly with some humor. Shortly thereafter, we are introduced to the Idolasphere (the dungeons where we spend most of our time in) and run into some familiar faces. Fights happen and then we go home. For this first chapter, I recommend getting to level 5 before the end, that should make the next chapter easier and by then you should have max mastery on your current set of weapons. Other than that, rely on session attacks and you won't have any troubles.The game is neither good nor bad just yet, but is fun so far.
Chapter 1 - A star is born

For a first official chapter, they throw a lot at you during this chapter, including some of the DLC (which by the way will have a separate entry bunching them together) but for whatever reason they decide to spike the difficulty a little, by introducing savage encounters, avoid those at all cost they are too strong right now; the game also teaches you about Unity which comes in two varieties, Carnage and Radiant, these are needed to get more skills; For this chapter I recommend being around 15 to 16 by it's end and taking the intermission to do side quests and get a few levels if needed
Chapter 2 - Head over heels for her

This chapter, it isn't so much long as it drags on. To summarize the chapter, we are introduced to a new person, a photo shoot happens; there are some bad things going down while we are at home base; someone gets kidnapped and we go through a boringish dungeon. So my tips for this Dungeon/chapter are as follows, many of the enemies are weak to Ice, wind, and fire; for the most part Kira and Touma have you more than covered. As for the recommended level by the end of the chapter, I'd say around 25 so that you have a comfortable level of challenge. Other than that, despite being a boringish chapter I still had fun.
Chapter 3 - The Next Generation

Woah, it's been a while. Okay so for this chapter there is a lot of back and forth between places; The Idolasphere for the chapter is an OK one, a bit confusing at times. We end up getting the fastest knight on our team and learn about some people close to us. This chapter isn't too difficult, just long; I recommend that you are around 33 to 35 by the chapter's end, but the boss isn't too hard to beat under those levels, just focus on killing his allies while doing damage to him.
Chapter 4 - The Audition

Not gonna lie, the reason this post took so long to make is because this chapter is not great, it had nothing going for it aside from a new member and some minor character development; the Idolasphere in this chapter is quite short, and it's puzzles very simple, just look at the monitors and follow the door position; there isn't a huge spike in challenge here, so I recommend being level 40 to 42 for this chapters end, you will have a moderate challenge but not too rough a time. Thank Naga this chapter is short compared to the last.
chapter 5 -True colours

What's this, two posts in one night, yes that way I don't forget about what happened in this chapter, and also to make up for the huge gap prior; this chapter was actually quite fun, especially compared to the last one. There is no new Idolasphere for this chapter, just a lot of back tracking to the prior ones; in this chapter we get the ability to finally deal with the special barriers that we have been seeing through out the whole game... and I promptly forgot about it in my playthrough, whoops. I will caution though, there is one puzzle in this chapter that isn't so much hard as it is annoying, just remember once you come to the coded door, that the side you are on flips. I normally recommend a level at this point, but I went a little buck wild myself on the DLC and arena, as a result, I was around 55 or 59 by chapter's end; I didn't have too much trouble, but there was some points that were touch and go during the boss, especially because he has 4 attacks in one turn.

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