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Cameron's Nightmare


I wasn't so sure about this, but here goes...
Cameron's Nightmare is my first completed hack, originally intended as a joke hack for my friend(the main character) Cameron. It's been in the works for 2 years or more, and I've actually learned a lot about what I can do by creating this hack. I was never planning on actually publicly releasing this hack, but a couple of friends who tested it said I should. Because I was a newbie and wasn't planning on releasing it, I kind of stole assets from all over the place. I apologize for this, and if anyone wants me to take it down, I will immediately. If I forgot to put you on my credits list, let me know and I will, gladly.

The story is simple enough. Cameron(our kind of lame hero) is transported into a FE hack of my design. I present him with challenges that he must complete. The whole hack is full of inside jokes and references that he and I find funny, so you might not get a lot of them. Along the way he meets new friends, old friends, and mysterious enemies.

I didn't worry a lot about balancing the hack, so it's pretty easy to beat, although the chapters range in difficulty a lot. It's also a bit buggy, and occasionally crashes. I've worked out a lot of the big bugs, but you never know.

Everyone has my permission to do whatever they want with this hack.

Credits List (People I stole from):
MarkyJoe1990's ASM Stuff (Hey, I actually asked for permission on this one!)
AstraLunaSol's Dream of Five Portraits
MarkyJoe1990's Female Shaman animation
Cedar's Budgie
PwnageKirby's Portraits
Gryz's Intro skip
jjl2357's Weapon Rank Display
Some Other Stuff, probably
"In the course of my life, I have more than once been too ignorant to know that something was impossible before I did it anyway."
- Antillar Maximus, Codex Alera
Hm... Could you give us more screenshots to work off of?
More Screenshots, as requested:
Not in attachment form because I get a weird 500 error...
"In the course of my life, I have more than once been too ignorant to know that something was impossible before I did it anyway."
- Antillar Maximus, Codex Alera
Try using the [img] tags, dude.
Hmm... people will get mad for you "stealing" their property.
You really should of asked the creators of the things first. If you have already then uh...
B-buh-buh-bububububu-BUBUBUB BAGLES!

Community rom hack Fooker Emblem

My spriting thread!


I don't know which of my(pwnagekirby's) portraits you used, but most of them (EDIT: sure, Vera included) I'd be fine with. But DoF has some real artists behind it, and they're likely to get quite upset if they find you're using their sprites without permission. It's generally better to be safe with boring splices and recolors that you make than take the huge backlash risk with nicer graphics.

EDIT: Wow, I just checked, and that is... a lot of DoF sprites. You should definitely ask about those if you want to keep using them. I think DoF has multiple spriters, so you might have to specify which sprites you're using. I'm...not sure if it's better to tell them that you're already using the sprites, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up either way.

As for the game itself, it's kinda interesting to see your progression as a hacker and a designer. Things definitely get better and better. The enemies would benefit greatly from some AI changes (like if you open a door or cross a bridge, all the enemies in the area attack) but right now the coolest thing you have going is the wealth of talk events. It's pretty awesome just how many there seem to be, and they're all actual character-driven events and not just "hi" or something.

Like you said, it's pretty buggy, but it's complete, which is more than most people can say. It has a decent flow to the chapters, and it bodes well for whatever it is you'll make next!

EDIT2: Oh, did you actually do that with AI changes when you open doors in the last chapter? Good job, case in point about your hacking improvement throughout! But..I can't get to Morgan, because there's a pillar in the way :v

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