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Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Easy Type
Ephraim225 and SgtSmilies

Apply this patch to a HEADERED Thracia ROM. It doesn't need to be the English patch, but it MUST have a header.

This started out as a simple "Fix Thracia's bullshit" patch but after talking with SgtSmilies he and I decided to make this into a full balance patch of sorts. The primary purpose of this is to make T776 a much less tedious and awful experience. Chapters which are normally long, boring and stupid have been nerfed, stupid shit like Ballistae have been nerfed, and characters have gotten buffs and nerfs along the way. While there's nothing we can really do at this point about crap like invisible warp tiles and, well, Xavier, we've hopefully made FE5 something nicer to actually play.

Noteworthy changes:
- Any unit who had Charge originally doesn't have it innately, instead a Charge manual is placed in their inventory
- Magic has been overhauled. Basic tomes are now C rank, El-tomes are now B rank, and everything else is A rank. Elthunder, Elwind, Volcanon and Aura are also obtainable. Mages also start at C (at minimum) in whatever magic they use.
- Ballistae now only get 5 shots instead of 10.
- Chapter 4's reinforcements now have broken weapons, causing them to flee as soon as they appear.
- Axe Knights and Lance Knights no longer use swords when dismounted, they just use the same weapons as when they were mounted.
- Dashin is now a Lance Knight, giving you an unmounted spear user.
- Rinehart is now a total wimp. Olwen can now murder her own brother without any moral repercussions. So much for incest.
- Status staves have only one use.
- Restore and Torch now have eight uses.
- Marty now promotes to Berserker. Partying...partying never changes.
Is there any specific English patches this would work with? when I tried the one linked to on Serene forest's list, this happened:
[Image: wXgyOZ4.png]
Where the arrow would be is a black void, also...
[Image: sUzcmPN.png]
Some of the player units's map sprites are replaced with black voids to, and most are just invisible. All the enemies are invisible too.
[Image: z2i484u.png]
And this happens if I try to check the status screen.
I tried it before on a regular Japanese rom, and nothing like this happened, so it's probably the English patch I used?
It probably is. T776 is very strange in that there are three different known ROMs: the NP version, the ROM verson, and then the ROM version without its header. As a result I believe there are three different patches.

What you want is the ROM that has a header. Most ROM sites don't label it as being headered or unheadered, so finding it is a pain if you haven't already.

Also if you're using the English patch I recommend applying the English patch before my patch.
Is there any way to add headers to ROMs?

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