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Fire Emblem: Requiem - A Semi-blind LTC Run
Remember that ROM hack Marc streamed about a week ago? Well, I figured I could make it fun since the hack is actually pretty LTC-friendly. So far it's been going pretty well and it's really fun. I'm done with screenshotting the first 6 chapters. However, Part 1 isn't very detailed since I've already been through the first 6 chapters and I didn't want to spend too much time screenshotting it. Beyond this first post, I'll be putting a lot more work into the parts, though I won't be covering the plot at all. Another side note: The first part is mostly narrated in post-production style. Expect another 6ish chapters next weekend, because the little time I have during the week should probably be spent studying.

Oh and if you have criticisms about the LP, please tell me. This is my first screenshot LP ever.

Part 1 - Chapters P-6

Part 2 - Chapters 7-11

Part 3 - Chapters 12-17

Part 4 - Chapters 18-Final
God awful rom hack? it wasn't necessarily awful, but it was subpar. But oh well, time to see the LTC run!
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Community rom hack Fooker Emblem

My spriting thread!


God dammit. I stream it once, and avoid being too negative, and... agh... God damn, I guess sometimes I don't need to say ANYTHING for people to think something's bad. >_<

I guess that's not a bad thing though. People are forming their own opinions instead of relying on mine.

Anyway yeah, it's super awesome to see one of the forum goers doing an LP. I'm gonna read through this right now.
Okay, so looking at the screenshot LP, I'd like to make a few suggestions.

I'm gonna start with a broad suggestion, then list the minor points that will help you achieve that broad suggestion. You should give us an idea of what the chapters are like.

1) Show us the full chapter map. You can screenshot bits of it while disabling certain features and layers, then splice the screenshots together to get a full map. Then under that, you can explain stuff like "This chest has a thing we need, but it's blocked by this dude. Ally 1 can't do it, and he's usually our go-to guy, but thankfully Ally 2 has a special thingy she can do that makes this much easier." Stuff like that, anything that gives us some kind of foundation on what to expect.
2) Maybe during the chapter, mention what reinforcements show up and whatnot too.
3) Edit the big map thingy so that it indicates what's in the chests, or instead, just tell us along the way, including the chests you don't bother with.
4) Show us what the enemies are packing in their inventories, what particular enemies/boss we have to look out for/prepare for.

The reason why I'm mentioning this stuff is because I mostly forgot how the chapters looked and how they played, and I found it difficult to figure out what was going on aside from you using Wyvern Woman and Sage Dude.
Thanks. I was planning on doing the full map for chapters after Chapter 6, I honestly just wanted to get the first 6 chapters out of the way since I've played them already. The rest of the chapters will be heavily detailed, including my strategies, unit placements, and the contents of villages/chests.
As promised, here's Part 2! This part covers chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Now that I'm up to the newer chapters, I've included full maps. One thing I need to note though, is that I missed 2 houses on Chapter 11 and I'd appreciate it if someone told me what was in them so I can update the full map image. Obviously I'm not going back for them, but at the very least I'd like to have their contents recorded.

Enjoy! Part 3 will be up next Sunday (probably).
Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and right! Justice will prevail, you say? Of course it will! Because the winners will become justice!
Thank you for posting more of this, Pwntagonist. It was a considerable improvement over last time, and a good read. =P

EDIT: Oh, also... how do you get the text and images to be formatted like that? I have an account on imgur, but I had to make all my stuff separate...
I just made an album, then on the right it gives you options to edit the titles and descriptions of each picture.
Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and right! Justice will prevail, you say? Of course it will! Because the winners will become justice!
Part 3!
Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and right! Justice will prevail, you say? Of course it will! Because the winners will become justice!
Yo Pwntagonist, check this out, eh?

Also make sure you have all parts of this LP linked to in the first post for convenience.

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