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Mission Statement - Stuff You Oughta Know
Kay, so I was unhappy with the old forums. I mucked around with it's look a bit too much and made it look awful. It also had tons of spambots trying to get on, which resulted in me setting user activation to admin approval only, which I eventually just stopped doing because I got lazy and the spambots were becoming harder to detect/more annoying to moderate. There was also little to no activity.

For this board, I'm gonna put down some policies to help things go smoother.

I made this board because even though I tend to get annoyed at my fans and say mean things to them, I am also quite fascinated with them. Within the crowd of annoying "MONEY IS IMPORTANT" meme spamming 15 year olds, there are people who genuinely take me seriously as a person, and that is something I admire and appreciate. It kind of surprises me that over three thousand people actually think my videos are enjoyable, and some of them are opinionated, insightful people whom I can exchange insight and opinions with.

I also feel that I can communicate my thoughts better through means of a forum than I can with a chatting program such as Skype, which I really only want to use to talk to close friends rather than fans because fans tend to just... add me and only talk to me like three times then never again. Forums are also less chaotic than rallying a bunch of people into a single chat, and meaningful discussion is more likely to take place.

So what is the focus of this forum? It's about communicating with my fans. The intelligent ones that is. Because jesus christ I fucking hate the stupid, entitled little shits that spam my videos telling me "BRING BACK RAGEFEST" when I clearly have Ragefest Gaiden going on. =|

With this in mind, I also want to say that you don't have to come to the forums for the sole purpose of talking to me. There's other people here and I think a good fanbase is one that is tightly knit together into a nice, snuggly blanket, communicating and understanding one another and... uh... I dunno. I just wanna see people discussing.

I guess I should also point out that I read almost everything my fans put on the forums. The exceptions are usually just role playing or religion, cause I don't really find other people's roleplays interesting, and religion's kind of a subject I see no point in talking about. I also don't like to read through "game" threads such as "ruin the previous poster's wish". That shit's boring as sin.

So uh... what do I usually reply to... I guess I like reading people write their opinions on stuff, so long as they explain why they feel that way. Any discussion regarding my videos also interests me. I feel like people don't analyze my videos from a critical standpoint or analyze them enough. Perhaps reviews of my various playthroughs? Hah. I doubt anyone's gonna do that, or they will, but solely to contradict me. I also like to critique people's stuff and give them advice on how to improve. I will rarely ever back down from a request to critique let's plays and games, so long as the person who made them is the one doing the requesting.

I guess anything that provokes me to give my opinions is something I'll humor. =X

Um... what else? Well, it's kind of clear a large portion of my fans are perverts (You reap what you sow I suppose... I do use a lot of sexy Reisen pictures in my videos), so I guess I should say that I have no problem with this. Feel free to fill your sig with pictures of sexy ladies. Or men. Gotta be all equal rights 'n shit. So long as nothing critical is exposed. >_>

I'm gonna be making more of an effort to get people to come to these forums, mainly through linking to my website and this forum in my video descriptions cause I'm lazy, but uh... yeah. Hopefully there will be more activity.

If you have any further questions, please read my FAQ first in case it's been answered already. If it's not there, go right ahead and ask. With that outta the way, MarkyJoe1990 signing out.

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