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Dream: Black, Skinny, Eyeless Humanoid
I never have pleasant dreams. It's always nightmares.

The most recent one I had was... disturbing. A female friend of mine tells me about a creature that looks like a human, but so skinny that it's bones are showing, relatively small (maybe 4 feet tall), is black skinned (Not as in african american, but like... charcoal black), and no eyes in it's sockets.

I don't know what she told me, but there was something dangerous about it and she wanted to take me along in her van (it was a business van... like my father's old white one) so that we could go see it for ourselves. I was terrified though and I kept refusing to get into the car. But then she handed me a book on the creature's lore (Which I forgot the lore of), and when I sat down in the car to read it, she closed the door and we drove off, against my will.

We argued the whole way. I questioned her value as a friend, and eventually things got really silent between us. We arrived in movie theater filled with people. What was playing was a horror movie inspired by the creature, and the scene playing was an act of murder by the thing. I don't remember the details, but when it murders, blank white eyes appear in it's eye sockets. I think they would also glow red.

Apparently in this theater was a back stage, so we went there. Someone had the real thing in their room. My lady friend went in first and I followed... holding my blanket for some reason.

... The room had multiple of those things lying around in it! But none of them moving. There was a table with one on it with some other stuff (forgot what it was), and there was one standing straight up in the corner of the room opposite to the entrance. It wasn't moving. The only thing that it WAS doing was making a weird noise over and over again. Imagine a cat making this sound, "mooouuuuaaaAAAAAH". Abruptly stopping at the end, and at a very low pitch, and sounding as if two of it were making the same sound at almost the same time but not exactly. That's the sound this thing kept making.

My lady friend started to examine the thing, but I just... cracked.

Swinging my blanket at it, I knocked the motionless creature down on the floor. It fell like if it were a statue; no limbs moved or anything as it densely fell. Then I grabbed it and started smashing it's head against the wall, against the floor, and I was punching it mercilessly. The thing DID react to my blows, but not in any hostile way; it's head moved back if I punched it, so it wasn't just completely still like a statue. More like a doll.

Anyway, I took this thing into a room filled with people. Some of them were holding sleeping babies. No one was shocked by my actions though, and I kept pelting on the creature for a while until I was convinced that my violence wasn't having any effect. So I laid the creature down on the floor.

Apparently I killed it according to one of the people, but something seemed off. I looked around to see what effects the creature had.

I examined the babies. For a moment I thought they were dead because they were completely unresponsive. However, they were breathing, and the people holding them said the babies were fine.

And from there, the dream ended... but my imagination kept thinking of things the creature WOULD do. The most notable one was that after I "killed" it, the TVs would show static for a bit, then all show the creature, standing in an empty red room... staring straight at the screen. Without eyes. Nothing else happening.

I think this dream is loosely based off of something that happened yesterday. My mom woke me up early that morning (8:30) and told me my little brother Dylan wasn't waking up (He was however breathing). She screamed at him, shook him, begged him to wake up, but he wasn't. My mom was in tears, begging Dylan to open his eyes. I was about to call the ambulance, but then my little brother finally woke up... after my mom slapped him.

We took him to the doctor. He was perfectly fine, but he had a few minor infections or something, and that him not waking up so easily was because he was just really tired.
That was one horrible dream i'm glad i don't ever remember my dreams incase most of them are nightmares i'm glad that Dylan was ok at the end though and that monster sounded like a variation of Slenderman
Woah, that's one creepy dream you got there. As for that creature, it looks like something you would see in the Silent Hill series.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THAT WAS CREEPY? Or am I just fucking weird because I absolutely love listening to people's dreams and nightmares because I find them EXTREMELY funny. Most of the time, they're funnier than any other medium, honest.
Marky, that dream was FUCKING HILARIOUS!
More, please, I implore you, I couldn't stop laughing.
I especially love how dangerous you made it up to be, and yet some guy in the backstage of a movie theater just kinda had a bunch of them. And you just took it out that easily.
I probably sound insensitive or something, right? Am I a dick for thinking that people's dreams are absolutely hilarious? Am I the only one like this? Because this dream was great and I couldn't stop laughing during the entire thing.
I can find 50$ PCs that are better than mine
That was nightmare fuel in the extreme, I can picture the creature, but probably not to the extent that you did. Have you ever been able to control your dreams by the way Marc?
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So...Black Zetsu?
That sucks, it's really hard to do, but if you can do it, I hear it's really fun.
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