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Some Ragefest Questions
So first question is dumb and I'm guessing the answer is no, but if we remade a map from FE8 in FE7 and all new events, does that break the "custom map and event rule?" Keep in mind it's not the only map in the submission, it's just the opening of the three that's a story element, but if you want us to do the map completely from scratch it's definitely possible, just wanted to check because I can hope.

If we have what is essentially a Gaiden chapter that has no actual playability, but is just a roundabout way to select what characters you want for the next chapter, does it count as one of the three chapters or not? It's literally gonna be a 5-turn talkfest to choose what characters you want out of a group, since we don't want people to just trade weapons in a unit select screen.

It's possible more questions will show up at another point, but if a thread dedicated to these appears I'll post there instead. Thanks!
When all else fails...

While I think those are fine, I'm sticking strictly to my rules and saying no, you cannot remake a map from FE7 or FE8, and you cannot use it even if it's just to select characters. You have to find another way.

Yes, that chapter counts as on of the three, since it is still a gameplay map

I don't think either of these will get you disqualified, but it will be up for debate on if they SHOULD be. I would not risk it.
Understandable. We had backup plans in place anyway. Also, are we free to suggest savestates however we please within the maps now that there's no rule regarding them? Or should we just assume "no save-states"?
When all else fails...

The three chapters rule was made so people would not have to have "save state" points in their submissions anymore. You can still do it if you want, but be aware that you should avoid making your submission excessively long to begin with.

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