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The Villager question?
O.k. Echoes' five villagers; Grey, Tobin, Kliff, Feya, and Atlas. Each one best suited to one class or another. For those of us here playing Echoes I'm curious to see what everyone promoted their villagers to.

I myself have done the following:

Grey: Mercenary
Tobin: Mercenary
Kliff: Archer
Feya: Mage
Atlas: Mage

(For Feya, I had intended to make a cleric, but I rushed it thinking it was the bottom choice)

So far, as I've yet to finish Act 4, Dreadfighter Grey is higher leveled then Dreadfighter Tobin, But My Tobin makes up for it with the Lighting Sword.

Kliff left Python in the dust as Python was the last guy I promoted. (To Bow knight anyways)

Feya almost one rounded a Necrodragon without Serphian spell or even a crit during Act 3.

Atlas is a glass cannon, If he can't one shot an enemy, he falls apart. (Yeah...Atlas got defence screwed in my game)

So how did your villagers turn out?
Life is Moot.
So live a little.
My best villager hands down is Gray. He has become a dread fighter 3 times and carries a Dracoshield like a champ. 2 resistance is his down side.

Tobin is a halfway decent gold knight. Could be better or worse.

Cliff is best bow knight, right in line with Leon.

Faye is an amazing mage and cries way more than it says she will.

Atlas has not been doing well so he sees no action.

And then there is Lukas. Best. Gold Knight. Ever.

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