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Yggdrasil Saga: Project Templar Concept and Interest thread
I have a time period in my realm that I would love to introduce as an RP here. Basically, think of it as a sort of Super Robot Wars/Gundam type universe, not excluding man to man fighting.

The beginning of the RP will be a period where a new series of prototypes are being sent to various organizations within the realm to test their merits and models. In context of the realm, the most successful mobile suit is called the Templar. It is a basic humanoid shape with medium weight plating and comes from the factory with a large metal shield and plasma field sword(handle has a rod that forms a magnetic field to contain a shape not unlike Marth's Falchion in shape). Heavily modifiable with any modules produced, some are considering expanding the line. To test various designs, both weaponry and accessories, different models named after types of dangerous warriors are sent to each military branch. During this time, two factions begin to make their moves against the existing governments of the earth. An ancient magic race wielding powerful elementals the size of a mobile suit, all summoned using their respective element and powered by the life force and will of their pilot have returned to the surface to stop mankind's warlike and self-destructive nature. Meanwhile, a prison colony from beyond the asteroid belt(Think space australia) has gone rogue, a group of them forming the equivalent of a band of marauders that respect strength and a warrior spirit above all else, have returned, giving the united Templar Corp. a run for their money. Many other prototype mobile suits are under production during this time, attempting to overtake or recreate the technology used by the leading mobile suit producer, Mastertech. Mastertech itself is under contract to the Whiske government in a special force of prototype units. In this age of instability, how will mankind endure...

You guys like it?

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