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Where did the insertable sprites page go?
It has been a year since I was on the board for many personal reasons. I come back and see that almost everything is the same and that is good...

So I go back to the main MarkyJoe page to see what new insertable sprites there are and the link that used to exist with his old hacking tips page on the main site is gone. Anyone still got a link to that page cause I have no spriting skills. I've worked on my portrait drawing in real life with a pencil so Portraits I might be able to do on my own at this point, but I cannot do class spriting to save my life. If that page is gone... then I'll just have to use my old work around but it will still be unpleasant and I will be unhappy...
You might wanna join my discord instead...
(04-06-2017, 12:33 AM)MarkyJoe1990 Wrote: You might wanna join my discord instead...

Will do. Also, it is good to be back on the board Marc. I'm sorry I vanished on you. I hope you missed me... Actually honestly, I'll be surprised if you remember me at all, but I'll get back on my hacks and Phantasy Star soon. You have my word, boss.

We still doing Ragefest every now and again, or did 2016's contest pretty much reach the end of the benefits to such a contest?
Nah. I remember you. You did the Phantasy Star LP.

Ragefest V is coming soon.

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