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Radiant Dawn Rage! No Lv.21 Soren in III Ch.5
I have dreamed of the day my Soren raises to the same god tier level he had become in Path of Radiance, because he was not all he could have been when I got him in this game(Ignoring that tier 2 is effectively the tier 1 of this game by this point.)

My Soren is Level 20 Wind Sage and is destroying lives, but it is denying him level 21. Is there a floodgate I need to know about?
Also, yes, Hi. I've been gone a long time. I am still working on my projects, but because the family member I was helping to take care of died at the beginning of March, I've been busy looking into ways to move out and move on with my life.

So, hello. I am Blackchibisan, I am a MarkyJoe fan. I've had a bath and I'm not excited.
TMI on the bath bit.
Life is Moot.
So live a little.
(04-07-2017, 03:39 PM)KK-Afterbrun Wrote: TMI on the bath bit.

It was a movie reference. An old one but a good one. Otherwise, good to hear from you, good buddy. Looking forward to my Phantasy Star LP coming back?
Yes I am..
Life is Moot.
So live a little.

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