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Ragefest: Behind The Rage
First and foremost, this is not endorsed by the big Marc man. I just hope he doesn't pimp slap me for it. Anyways, you're probably wondering what this is, and before you whip out your nightmare, this isn't a new ragefest. As i'm sure you know if you're a big enough MJ fan to be on his forum, Ragefest is his big celebratory series of suffering he subjects himself to for our entertainment. But sometimes, a hack comes along that is just too much. And not in the good challenging way, in the, i'm disqualifying this and let's bury it out back kind of way. Submissions have been disqualified here and there, but so of them struck Marc so badly, he never even uploaded footage of them. So i figured, Marc loves himself enough to not suffer through these hacks, but I'm game. And that's what we're doing here today, going back and looking at the bottom of the barrel hacks that were so out of bounds, they never saw the light of day.

Today's hack comes to us from Ragefest one, submitted by a user named HiThere1. Hi there would go on to make ragefest 2 and 3 submissions, the 2 submission would make it to the channel, the 3 would not. But this isn't about those, this is about Le Chien est Adoreable, French for the dog is adorable. This one is truly in a league of its own. If you're familiar with the ragefest rules, there's one about the limitations of fog of war.This chapter did that.

Due warning, the video abruptly cuts at some point, as the sound crapped out somewhere towards my end analysis, so i just cut the footage early instead of just showing the screen with nothing going on. But the footage of the chapter is intact.

Now, for a TLDR, let's break down Le Chein est Adoreable

Plot: 0/10, When you have 5 units randomly thrown together, along with a boss only one of them even has a chance to fight in the vanilla game, you've got a bad start. That there's no story expanded upon makes matters worse. I guess it was Bartre and Karla's honeymoon, when Eric decded to crash, and Isadora, Dart, and Wallace came in to help them save the day. I wasn't able to see if any sort of plot exists when you manage to kill Eric, but i doubt it.

Chapter Design: 1/10 This chapter is full of gimmicks meant to cripple the player so hard they can't fall victim to it, as that would imply they started out on their feet. This one rushes you in immediately 1 tile sight radius, so unless your enemy is on top of you, you can't even attack. What's worse, you only have two long range weapons, one of which is a bow. On the other side, the enemy is filled with bows and brave weapons, and fog doesnt affect the AI. This leads to the player being a sitting duck as droves of ambush reinforcements pick off the team from afar. Then siege magic and status staves get thrown into the mix, with no way to reverse the effects. Add in heavily limited resources and units who can't take as many hits as their stats suggest, and even getting to Eric feels like a feat. Plus the chapter suddenly and abruptly dumping you into Lyn's mode is game breaking. I lost all 5 units on one run, and it didn't game over me. The goal of the chapter was surviving, so i guess in a technical sense... Although i am giving one point in this category, because, with a zero for the plot, i have to recognize HiThere actually did a thing. A for effort.

Humor: 0/10 With no plot, the humor is seriously lacking. Nothing is changed, nothing is cheeky, or smart, or even self aware. This fight just exists in a void, like a surly waitress in a late night truck stop diner who just drops your plate haphazardly onto the table and walks away without a word. It's like the chapter is telling you "Well... here you go."

Rage: 3/10 Well it did miff me, but not in the right way. I feel like the rage i want from  a ragefest is the kind where its comprised of several things. 1. Some douchey shit that hurts your pride and forces a restart, 2. Something you can see coming, and even if its a beginner's trap, you can avoid it on subsequent attempts, and 3. it should be funny. Yes it should make you mad, but it should also make you laugh, and not be too mad at it.
Le Chien excels in the first category, but falls completely flat on the second two. There's no way to really avoid the onslaught of massive generic Eric army, and its not funny, its just like watching raindrops move down a car window. Youll watch one or two go down, but mostly it's just there, you won't give it a second though.

Positive point: I want to include in every review a positive point, as, it can be easy to just heap ridicule on hackers simply looking at a finished product. But the process is long, hard, and time consuming. It takes dedication to have a nice polished product, and while it seems like le chien was thrown out there with minimal effort (it was), it still has one positive i can see. When you look at this, and compare it to what he produced for ragefest 2, you can see growth in  him as a hacker. His RF2 submission has a plot, more unique (if still unfair) gameplay, a map that is much better looking, and even a custom mug. Sure it may not be a masterpiece, but Le Chien est Adoreable is still so much worse, and shows he grew as a hacker. That being said, its still terrible, and im convinced Eric is impossible to take down.

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