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Understanding My Strange Fetishes (Warning: TMI)
The human brain is a fucked up organ. One moment, it's reminding you to make yourself breakfast in the morning, and the next, it's giving you a boner cause you saw someone be swallowed whole by someone else in a vaguely erotic matter.

For a guy who has been on the Internet for over a decade, it's weird to think that I am one of the least kinky people around. I have two major fetishes as far as I'm concerned: very long, beautiful hair (from the head), and soft vore. Hair is not very weird considering most people at least find long hair attractive, and when you consider what other people are into after they've been corrupted by the internet, my kink for soft vore seems kinda tame in comparison.

But hey, soft vore is still a weird thing to be into. Why do I like it?

What is Vore?

Well first thing's first, you might be asking what vore is. Vore is a fetish that involves one person devouring another person. There's two kinds of vore; hard and soft. Hard is violent, and more akin to cannibalism. The prey is chewed up, and suffers through realistic consequences of being trapped inside the horrible-smelling, skin melting, acid bag that is the stomach.

I find that shit gross.

Soft vore on the other hand is... something more akin to what you see in cartoons: the prey is swallowed alive and whole, they suffer few or none of the effects of being inside a stomach, and are generally just not harmed in any way. The stomach is more like an inconvenient prison than anything.

Now bare in mind, if someone has a vore fetish, that does not mean they are a danger to anyone. Soft vore is an unrealistic fantasy, and most people who are into hard vore generally don't wanna act upon this in real life, fully aware of the consequences. Most of the time, it just means they have this one weird kink, and that's it.

A Theory On Why I Got This Fetish

So how did I get this fetish in the first place? I had to dig deep into my past and study a bit of psychology in order to come up with a good theory, but here's what I have.

When children are met with trauma, they will sometimes eroticize that trauma in order to cope with it. For example, If your girlfriend finds it hot when you spank her and she calls you daddy, you might wanna ask if she was abused when she was a kid. In my case... I have always had an overactive imagination, and the idea of being eaten was one of the scariest things to me as a kid. "Where does the victim go?" "What happens to them?" "Will they come back?" This made me scared of the idea even when it was done in a humorous light such as with Prince Froggy in SMW2: Yoshi's Island. I was exposed to vore a lot when I was a kid. Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, Kirby, Yoshi, etc. It was everywhere.

So it's very possible that as a result of my exposure, my mind had to find a way to cope. So it went and eroticized the idea so it wouldn't bother me anymore. Eventually my fear of Prince Froggy turned into an obsession with him, and in my old comics, he was the major villain, always trying to eat Yoshi. I honestly didn't even think of it in a sexual way at the time. It was just... something I found fascinating for some reason.

The Moment Of Realization

Eventually I did start to view it sexually. The realization came when I was playing MUGEN. I kept making N64Mario's Mecha Dragon eat Misuzu Kamio and watch as his belly stretched and tumbled every time she struggled from within. I was fucking horrified that doing something so sadistic to my waifu (at the time) turned me on, and I felt immense shame until one of my friends explained to me what the hell was going on.

"Oh. You just have a weird fetish. That's all. This doesn't mean you want to hurt anyone, so don't worry about it."

It took a couple days for me to wash away my guilt and shame and accept this new kink. Considering I was 19, it may seem weird that I felt this way about sex, but well... for some reason, I always kinda saw sex as something shameful. Perhaps it was because I saw love as something beautiful. Something pure and innocent. Meanwhile sex was just some physical act done for pleasure. In my mind, wanting love was wonderful, but wanting sex was shallow.

What's The Appeal?

Despite my immense libido, sex has and will always be an act of love and passion. I don't find sex itself sexy. I find the emotions and the underlying meaning behind sex sexy: The romance. Seeing a girl naked isn't hot to me. Being hugged from behind as she pets my head and whispers compliments into my ear? Now THAT is sexy.

So how does my mind work vore into this framework? Mostly by using vore as a metaphorical romantic symbol. By being eaten and trapped inside my beloved's belly, I am now a part of her. At the same time, I am her hapless prisoner, at the mercy of her control. There's something appealing about being unable to escape my beloved no matter what I do. I belong to her now, and she gets to decide whether to give me back my freedom, or continue to keep me. Since she loves me, letting me go is a no-go~

That is the appeal. At least for me. Hopefully I've answered your question, Trollasaurus. :V
Not sure what's worse. The fact that you directly mentioned me in this post. Or that you went out and made it to begin with. ._.

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