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Eevster's Iori fan-fic
This is my Iori fan fic. 
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.701961)]This is what I'd do to Iori Minase if she was real! "I gently caress Iori Minase's hair feeling its texture, then I work my hands down until I reach her face, her beautiful blushing face,  I work my way down to her cheeks, her cheeks are redder than a ripe apple, her cheeks feel softer than high quality silk. I'd then move my hand behind her head to pull it closer to mine, a single action,that, to the layman may look like me moving her head towards mine, to a commoner, this is just a simple motion, but a seasoned veteran knows full well what I'm doing, I'm trying to express emotion to her, trying to show her my love in one single motion. I pull her mouth closer to mine, within of a moment I feel our celestial beings become one, Joining together in a eternal contract that simply says "I love you" a simple statement to some, but they don't truly understand how large of a meaning that statement has, It's two beings admitting that they care for one another enough to stay together through thick and thin, through better and worse, It's the binding of two souls, creating a bond of which can't be broken by any force on heaven or earth. In that moment I feel her tongue brush up against mine, it makes me wonder what Iori Minase could be thinking of? Is she thinking of  How much she cares for me and wants me to stay with her eternally? Is she thinking of how she wishes for this moment to last for eternity, I ponder. Than I feel her pull away, she than says to me "E-Eevster, I can't describe the way you make me feel, you make me feel really happy, like no one else on the whole world does!" I reply by telling her "Iori my dear, what you're feeling is bliss, a feeling that every one searches for, the Jewish refer to bliss as "The Land of Milk and Honey" The Christians refer to bliss as "Heaven" and the Buddhist refer to bliss as "Enlightenment" But what we have here is true bliss" [/color]
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.701961)]Just for people who want to like see it. [/color]

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