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Why Do I Make Videos?
I make videos because I enjoy entertaining people

I enjoy entertaining people because it makes me feel good

It makes me feel good because I have always enjoyed working on projects and stuff and getting praised for it

I enjoy getting praised because I am lonely and have poor self esteem, and knowing people care about me makes me feel less lonely

I am lonely because I don't have many real life friends, and I don't get out much

I don't get out much because I'm introverted and enjoy my private time, and meeting actual people is scary because I don't know how to socialize

I don't know how to socialize because when I was younger, I was a huge misanthropist and treated poorly by my classmates because I was extremely weird and very averse to rules, traditions, and status quo

I was averse to rules, traditions and status quo because I was brought up by parents who valued being a kind, ethical person who would make a difference in the world.

Life has no meaning on its own. Everything we do is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We give life value through our own subjective perceptions.

My subjective perception says that being myself and doing what I love for a living - challenging myself artistically, self actualization, and making others happy in ways I know best - is the meaning of my life.

That is why I make videos.

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