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My Thoughts On Grinding In RPGs
There is one reason why I don't play most standard RPGs. That reason is forced grinding. I absolutely despise grinding, and it has only gotten worse in modern games. Grinding itself is ok. It can be used to make a difficult or cheap boss easier so that you can progress through the game without much trouble. I'm fine with bosses being difficult if you choose not to take time leveling up. However, grinding is the most boring thing on the planet and it causes the story to halt completely. I have stopped playing many games because of how tedious it is. Maybe this is because I haven't played many RPGs, but it is still a reason why I shy away from them. Recently, I was playing Final Fantasy IX. I fought every battle I was in while speeding through the game, and even then I was destroyed by bosses and I wasn't even finished with disk 1. In Dragon Quest ix (I just realized I played two RPGs with 9 in the title.) I got halfway through the game before my lack of grinding screwed me over. I feel that grinding is more of a necessity in these types of games more than a convenience. Maybe this just me overreacting or showing how little I know of the genre.

If anyone agrees or disagrees, feel free to say so, I would love to see what other people think of this.
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I like grinding because its relaxing and fun.
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Grinding seems like a chore, but I do so sometimes just for the premise that the boss that I'm about to fight gets their asses kicked as one-sided as possible.
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I do understand that hate of forced grinding, however, I honestly enjoy making my enemies fall as I grow stronger.
It increases not just my inventory, XP, and levels, but it also increases my Edge level.

But yeah, when a boss has a massive difficulty spike, that's when I put the game down and question why I even bothered playing. Then I recall I can increase my needed areas in the game, along with my edginess, with a fun way...
When it come to grinding there are two ways to look at it:

Grinding early on is a great way to lower any difficulty spike early on, but it tends to drag on as the levels get higher if you don't move on.

On the other hand, it becomes rage inducing when you need lots of gold or the enemy has an item that has a low drop rate. [Castlevaina comes to mind.. Blasted 5% drops... ]

As much of a pain it is, it's sometimes both a necessity and a pointless endeavor. It's best to think of it as a balancing act. Too much grinding, and the game becomes boringly easy. Not enough, and it's a rage inducing unbeatable.

Personaly, I don't mind it much. But if you are getting stonewalled by an early boss because of not grinding, that's when a game loses points for me. If I have to grind hard for a second or third boss on weak enemies, I might as well use a Jegan unit on the first chapter of a Fire Emblem game. It make it pointless.
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