Fire Emblem: Sword Of Balance (FE8U)

By Dropkick

Posted On: 07/03/2019 4:59:53 PM

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Years ago, after Mila and Duma were exiled from Archanea, an ambitious young Divine Dragon by the name of Augelmir decided to create his own continent as well. But as time has passed, he has eventually fallen into madness, along with those living in his country. What could possibly make things worse? Well, 5 mercenaries and their party of allies could definitely make things worse.
(Up to Chapter 10 on Tyr's (Eirika's) route is finished design wise. Dialogue and story event wise, we're still trying to work through Sacred Stones clunky world map. Yes, the game is unfinished, but feel free to critique and review what's available. We appreciate the feedback!)



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