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On this page, you'll find my ROM hacks, MUGEN characters, and several other assets I've made. Additionally, I'm also hosting other people's ROM hacks and every Ragefest entry (with some exceptions). Just click a category, and then a drop down list will appear.

It's worth noting that certain things made by me are not hosted here, such as the levels I made for JUMP, a Super Mario World collaboration hack, or the levels I made for JAYM, a similar collab hack. I'll find some way to get those up, but for now, you'll have to go download JUMP if you wanna play the levels I made in it.

For instructions on how to play UPS files, refer to section F3 of my FAQ. IPS patches function similarly, but require Lunar IPS in order to patch.

To extract the contents of a 7z file, you'll need 7-zip. Normal zip files can be extracted by simply right clicking them and choosing "extract"

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